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  • Godley and Helson info

    I’m focusing on the Nichols’ case and would greatly appreciate any information – personal or career-related – which could be provided about the following two policemen actively involved in the investigation into that case:
    Godley, George: Sergeant in “J” Division // Helson, Joseph Henry: Detective Inspector in “J” Division
    I am aware of Godley’s role in the Chapman arrest, and that is not relevant to my interests here.
    I would be especially interested to learn why Helson was (according to newspaper reports, etc.) so closely associated with Abberline in conducting the investigation and where the lines of responsibility ran.
    This is particularly interesting because, as indicated in other threads, Godley is the policeman who is portrayed as Abberline's partner in at least two movies! Thanks in advance!
    P. M. Boggs
    Glasgow G38RB Scotland