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  • Originally posted by mklhawley View Post
    On a case that NO ONE saw the murders, handwriting samples would be excellent evidence. Since there was evidence that Tumblety owned land in Canada and frequented Toronto until 1888, Iím sure there were possible official documents with Tumbletyís handwriting to be found in Canada. Why did Andrews spend a week? He could easily have been waiting for the US documents to get to him, via, Jarvis and Niagara Falls.
    Hi Mike,

    So what happened? Did Andrews not get the handwriting he needed in that week? Or was it obviously not a match with any of the ripper letters? Or did Scotland Yard come to their senses and realise that even if the writing was similar to one or more letters they would also need some evidence that the Whitechapel murderer actually wrote them?

    Something must have confounded their considerable efforts - unless you think they kept quiet about whatever they got on him, either because it wasn't quite enough, or because they didn't want to admit they'd let the bugger escape.

    But would they not have had a duty in that case to share everything they did have with the authorities that side of the pond, so they would be forearmed if the murders began again there?


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    • To Caz

      But that breaks both ways.

      The family 'believed' and therefore they knew Mylett was not a Ripper victim because the fiend was dead.

      Two years later they may have nearly let a sailor swing for it; anything to protect the family name.

      Or is Sadler, and the antipathy between Macnaghten and Anderson, have its origins here in what Mac found as they were about to rush to judgment?