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Anderson and his Parnellism and Crime articles

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    Originally posted by Natalie Severn View Post
    Jeff,I dont quite get this.Parnell was a protestant.Kitty O"Shea may have been a Catholic-I dont know-but why should it be a scandal for your mum to have married a Protestant ?
    I suppose its quite true to say for the most part,the people who supported Parnell were Catholics .
    Yes that one liner dosn't scan to well..but there was a family feud after my father died which is very complicated and perhaps not relevant to this thread. My mother and nan never spoke to each other.

    The Leahy's were from Cork and the Parnells from county Wicklow (nr Dublin). i beleive when may Nan met my grandfather in London he was playing piano in Eastend pubs so it must also have been a class scandal at the time, as well as marrying a Catholic.

    However, your correct, my nan always claimed she was related to Henry the Eighth (on her fathers side?), the ultimate Protestant, but I'm not certain how true this was...she was only four foot eleven, and I witnessed her attack fully grown men on a number of occasions, quite a character.

    Parnell was however buried a Catholic in Dublin to my knowledge.

    My nans (youngest of thirteen) father would have been Charles Stewarts brother, I believe.. I havn't seen the family tree in years..I hope it still exists somewhere with the Evernett side.


    Dont know if this post will survive..keeping my head low.