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Does this letter have a name? Has it been scrutinized?

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  • Does this letter have a name? Has it been scrutinized?

    I found this letter interesting because of its early arrival, sometime around October 2nd or 3rd.

    Does anyone know the date the Dear Boss letter/Saucy Jacky postcard first hit the newspapers? This individual did not have too much time to jump on the 'dear boss' bandwagon; I feel he must have been one of the first copycats.

    Most interesting is that as late as the Double Event he was still seeking to spread terror via the 'gang theory,' which among the public must still have had some legs under it.

    Does anyone know the history surrounding this letter? I have run across no other information regarding this missive. Do any of the major Ripper historians address this particular letter? Other than Patricia Cornwell has anyone given this letter currency? **

    DEAR BOSS - Since last splendid success two more, and never a squeal. I am master of the art. I am going to be heavy on the gilded ---, some duchess will cut up nicely, and the lace will show nicely. You wonder how? O, we R masters. No education like a butcher's, no animal like a nice woman - the fat is best. On to Brighton for a holiday, but we shant idle. Splendid lot of women there. My mouth waters. Good luck there; if not you will hear from me in West End. My pal will keep on at the East a while yet. When I get a nobility womb I will send it on to C Warren, or p'raps to you for a keepsake. O, it is jolly.

    GEORGE O. T. High Rip Gang
    Red ink still, but a drop of the real in it.

    Abstract from this page:

    ** I really don't now what Cornwell thought of this letter I just remember she tried to argue that all the letters were 'real' and all from Sickert.