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  • Eleanor Marx Inquest

    I am conducting research for a book on Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Karl. I am keen to locate the report -- whether official or newspaper -- of the inquest into her death. Marx lived at 7 Jew's Walk, which I understand may be
    a "Sarf London" corruption of "Doo's Wharf." Her date of death was 31 March 1898. Martin Fido encouraged me to ascertain the borough in which Jew's Walk was situated.
    For obvious reasons, I doubt very much if the street carries the same name as it did when Marx lived there. Is anyone acquainted with the area and, if so, can you identify the borough? Any help in directing me on how to locate inquest records will be much appreciated. Also, Martin was not of the opinion that the inquest would have been covered by the Times, so I would be aided by knowing the names of the "local" newspapers in that area in 1898. As always, I am appreciative of your kind assistance.

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    7 Jew's walk has a "".
    My name is Dave. You cannot reach me through Debs email account


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      Thanks so much. I will look into this information immediately.


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        Hi Barrister.

        Coroners inquest papers, if they still exist, would probably be held at the London Metropolitan Archive.

        The British Library Newspaper section at Colindale will hold copies of all newspapers of the time, but also have an online collection of Victorian national and local newspapers. I would suggest starting with The Star or Evening News.



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          This is the kind of specific information I so desperately need. I will begin my searches immediately. Thanks so much for the information.