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Forbes Winslow: Dec.1889 Law Journal Mocks His Efforts To Catch Killer

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  • Forbes Winslow: Dec.1889 Law Journal Mocks His Efforts To Catch Killer

    This openly sarcastic article about Dr. Forbes Winslow was published in 'The Irish Law Times & Solicitor's Journal' on December 14, 1889.

    Apparently they didn't think much of his crime-stopping abilities.

    Best regards, Archaic
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    What a wonderful word in there: the interests of science and newspaperiety.

    Nice article, Archy.


    "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov


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      Newspaperiety & Forbes Winslow Death Notice

      Hi, Caz. I knew you would spot that clever word!!

      Yeah, "newspaperiety" is a good one, isn't it?

      "Newspaper notoriety" sounds a bit clunky by comparison.
      Too bad 'newspaperiety' didn't catch on... but we can always try to revive it. Do you think "mediariety" would work too?

      Here's another Forbes Winslow piece I happened upon; it's his death notice in the journal 'Southern Practitioner', 1913.

      Best regards, Archaic
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        Hi Caz, Archaic,

        Umm, did you notice this from that article?...

        Two months ago he told us....
        Now look at the date of the newspaper article.

        14th Dec 1889

        So does that means there must be an article from around 14th October 1889... to the SAME 'The Irish Law Times & Solicitor's Journal' ?

        best wishes

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        Justice for the 96 = achieved
        Accountability? ....


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          re: FW's Claims To Be Close To A Solution

          Hi, I looked all through that 1889 Law Times volume and this was the only mention of Forbes Winslow that I came across.

          I took the "two months ago" quote to mean that FW had made a public statement in about October in which he claimed to be close to a solution as to the Ripper's identity. I don't know where this claim was published; possibly in a more mainstream newspaper.

          I think it's interesting that F.W.'s statement and this sarcastic response to it were both published in late 1889, rather than in 1888.

          > Maybe another member will be able to fill us in on the details of what FW's theory was at this time, in late 1889.

          Thanks and best regards, Archaic