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12th October 2013 Whitechapel Ideas Store

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  • 12th October 2013 Whitechapel Ideas Store

    The next event…
    To mark the 125th Anniversary of the Autumn of Terror and the Jack the Ripper Mystery, the Whitechapel Ideas Store (Whitechapel Library) will be holding a special event on Saturday 12th October between 2.30 and 4.30 pm.
    It is at 321 Whitechapel Road, a minute’s walk away from Whitechapel Underground Station, on the corner of Brady Street. This is just past where Dr Llewellyn lived and close to the Whitechapel Working Lads Institute where many of the inquests were held.
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    In the window of Whitechapel Ideas Store
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      Nice one ... walked by it today .. is there anything going on before the end of sept ?



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        Maybe - watch this space.
        Come along on 12th October!


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          would like to , but out of town from the 22nd .. best of luck with it .



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            A new more restrained version of the poster
            Click image for larger version

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              I thought I'd bump this up

              This Saturday
              12th October 2013.

              The event is being put on by Whitechapel Ideas Store (that's the Library)
              It's FREE!
              125th anniversary Jack the Ripper Talk

              Whitechapel Ideas Store is on Whitechapel Road - between the station and the Blind Beggar - on the corner of Brady Street, just yards from Dr Llewellyn's Surgery and the Whitechapel Working Lads Institute.


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                "Researcher Edward Stow will take us back 125 years and re-examine the crimes to see if we can pinpoint a likely suspect"

                That sounds fair enough. So we listen to Edward talk as he re-examines the crime scenes, after which "we" - all of us together - can decide for ourselves who we think might be a likely suspect. No Crossmere-pushing at all.

                I quite like that.

                I think I might do one of those myself. A sober, unbiased, just-the-facts low-down on the crime scenes and a handful of the suspects, after which we decide on a possible likely culprit. Just to mark the 125th anniversary.

                So that's:

                Hutchinson's Trail of Terror

                Tonight at 8pm at the Romford Rambler.

                (souvenir wideawake hats available afterwards)

                Just kidding, Lechers. I hope it goes well.


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                  Ben - come along and allow me to brainwash you!


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                    Originally posted by Lechmere View Post
                    Ben - come along and allow me to brainwash you!
                    Come on Ben ! You can't miss it ! I'll be there and I'd love to meet you again. It's bound to be both informative and fun.