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Jack the Ripper Conference 2013 in London

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    Hi Monty. I would have liked that but I didn't know what you like and I was a bit overwhelmed with all the people there and didn't ask anyone. I may not look like a shrinking violet but I'm too withdrawn for my own good sometimes.

    Perhaps next time we can arrange to be carrying copies of the Times and I'll say "I see the fish are biting" to which you reply "The owl hoots by night".

    I did enjoy meeting the people I did talk to and everyone was really nice. Martin Fido tried to introduce me to his son as Frogg Moody. Sorry Martin. Sorry Frogg!

    He did have something of a point as we're both similar height, brown hair, centre parted and facial hair. Hmmm, the unreliability of witnesses eh?

    I don't know when we'll be in London next. Is there a Whitechapel Society Christmas bash and do you attend?

    I'm sure the lure of the East End will cause us to meet in the future.
    Post Tenebras Lux