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  • Hi all,

    thanks for all this indeed.

    The auction is clearly about that old book. You only have to fight yourself through the whole lot of advertising he wrote instead of a clear description.

    Again: Immediately after the end of the auction I sent a message to the seller asking for the total amount incl. trackable shipment. I got no reply. I tried in every way through ebay and casebook pm and there was only silence throughout the week.

    On Thursday I started saying if I don't get an answer in the next 12 hours I'll infom ebay which I did and I'm in constant contact with them since.

    Then I said if I don't get an answer within 24 hours I'll inform the police at his place in New Plymouth. I did.
    And suddenly I got that shabby reply I posted above.

    Ally: No, no money lost, as he never sent the total amount I asked for.

    But I won an auction and I feel a bargain as well.
    He most probably feels the same and he doesn't want to hand out the book.
    That is a clear break of ebay regulations, not to speak about the moral side of it. I'm duped so obviously that I will not rest fighting this through.

    Prophet read this:

    Fact: The auction ended with a winning bid.
    Fact: The book is there as you wrote you'll put it on again later this year.
    Fact: I won that auction.
    Fact: You must sell the book and I must pay for it.

    Get yourself out of this mess and send me a total amount in the next 24 hours.
    As personal trust is rather destroyed as you can imagine I suggest ebay's trust service.

    As soon as the book is here I'll leave you no feedback whatsoever, which is the best I can do.

    I also will tell the forum here that you finally came to your senses and all was a misunderstanding.

    In case you do not give me what is mine, I'll send a last email on monday to the police before I go abroad .
    You then have one week to contemplate.
    After my return on Tuesday 15. July I'll check my email and hope to find a satisfying answer which can only be finishing the deal.
    In case I don't, I will continue my conversations with the police and everyone necessary to get what I won.

    I don't want your book. I want the one I won.
    And most of all I do not want to be duped.


    P.S.: If things weren't that obvious. I wouldn't have started this here. Sorry anyway.
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    • what the heck!??!?!
      does this guy really think that he will sell one lousy copy of his book now? i wouldn't even take a signed manuscript.

      therefore i dare say:
      FREE CHRISTIAN....errrrr....CHRISTIANS BOOK .-)))

      take care


      • Originally posted by George Hutchinson View Post
        Hi all. Just to clarify here - Christian hasn't paid a penny/cent yet. But that's not the point. The issue here is that the little toe-rag in NZ is refusing to honour a legally binding contract.

        Exactly Frip!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Check the artwork thread!! (did you get the mega Dids)

        GOOD LUCK Christian!!
        'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


        • This fella must have a brain pan the size of a mosquito's _____ well, you KNOW! To actually believe he can screw around like this, especially with someone as nice, and honest I might add, as Christian.....then expect all of us will forget and buy "his book". It's boggling to think someone this thick might actually have WRITTEN a book, but we all remember BLOODGUILTY, so there you go........miracles do happen, but NOT, I think, in this case (nor in the case of BLOODGUILTY, either!). In the language of the Mercury 7 astronauts he may have "screwed the pooch". WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

          Keep after eBay, Christian, AND the cops, AND whomever else might be able to help. Don't let him get away with this.

          Regards to Christian and all........



          • I've just received a very polite e-mail from Alex explaining that he wasn't Prophet and I just want to apologize to him for saying that he was.



            • Evening All

              I know I assured Suzi that I would not take up any more forum space and I apologise for doing so now. However, Dan’s post has alerted me to the fact that my posts here have been appearing under the name of just ‘alex.’ Previously all my posts have appeared under the name alex chisholm. Since the last Casebook hiccup I re-registered and mistakenly assumed my posting name was still alex chisholm. So I apologise for any confusion.

              I have spent the past few hours trying to rectify the problem, without success, so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

              In view of what I’ve read this evening, I deplore what Christian has experienced and I genuinely hope it can be quickly resolved in his favour.

              You’ll all be glad to hear, no doubt, that I won’t be continuing the pedantic dispute with Bob, even though his latest reply to me seems to suggest that he continues to be oblivious to the point being made.

              Finally, I’d like to thank Rob for his generous apology and Dan for alerting me to the source of the confusion between Prophet and myself on this forum.

              Best wishes
              alex chisholm
              But for me, in my impenetrable mantle, the safety was complete. Think of it – I did not even exist!
              (HJFSotC – SCoDJaMH – RLS, 1886)



              • Alex,

                Well, it is was unfortunate that people didn't realize who you were. I was sure all along that "Alex" was Alex Chisholm (as I confirmed privately). Hard to belive, though, how anyone would get you confused with that self-promoting prat Prophet.

                Anyway, people may differ with Alex Chisholm on his opinion of Dr. Barnardo, but anyone who suggested Alex was a newbie or has not written cogently and often about the JtR mysteries owes him a big apology--in my opinion, lest we start another foolish squabble.

                In any case, Alex Chisholm is "the goods" (despite his long hiatus) and confusing him with someone like AJ "The Profit" was a gross and grievous misunderstanding.

                And Alex, I can understand why you might want to shun this thread after what you've been through, but do stick around on the message boards. We need your kind.

                (And, as a gesture toward "full disclosure," Alex was the closest thing I had to a "mentor" when I first joined Casebook many years ago,
                "To expose [the Senator] is rather like performing acts of charity among the deserving poor; it needs to be done and it makes one feel good, but it does nothing to end the problem."


                • Alex is a cowardly slanderer (not really, that's merely my description)


                  I’m oblivious to your point Alex because I don’t understand it. I have been stating all along that those slanderous remarks are not facts they are simply your opinions, your labels, you have chosen to use to describe Barnardo. You admit yourself in post 122 that I am correct in assuming this as you say:

                  “The portion of the sentence which reads: “…this arrogant, mean-spirited, obnoxious little man is merely my description of Barnardo”

                  The important words here are “merely my description”, which is the point I have been trying to get you to understand with obviously no success. You don’t even claim the defence of stating that you believe them to be true as you then go on to say:

                  “which I have never claimed as fact”

                  In other words you have reserved the right to make slanderous remarks to describe someone, while at the same time admitting they have actually no basis in fact.

                  So posters if Alex starts describing anyone on this board as drug taking, murderous paedophiles, don’t worry it’s merely his description of you and he’s not claiming that you really are!


                  • Chris,

                    We have a saying round our way.

                    Cheeky fooker !



                    Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.



                    • Hi Alex,
                      Just wondering about the fact that when you type into a post your user name comes up at the top,so I don't understand how you cannot have realised that your posts weren't under your full name...
                      Anyway,it's all been clarified now,so we all know you have nothing to do with the Phrophet.


                      • Bob,

                        Alex has modified his statement to say it is his opinion. The difference between your examples is that the ones he used "arrogant, mean-spiriited" and are subject to opinion, meaning that it could very well be factual for one person and not factual for another. Yours however include actions, calling someone a "slanderer" relies on a proven action on their part which can either be confirmed or denied.

                        From Barnado's own words: "I have rescued (or if abducted if you will) little boys and girls from the custody of parents and guardians who were, to my knowledge, leading infamous and immoral lives"

                        Ah I see. So if your life wasn't what Barnardo thought it ought to be, he considered himself judge and jury enough to kidnap your child and ship it off to Canada.

                        Sounds mean-spirited, obnoxious and arrogant to me. I'll throw in ego-maniacal with a god complex also. Oh and a criminal and child abuser as well.
                        Last edited by Ally; 07-07-2008, 03:54 PM.

                        Let all Oz be agreed;
                        I'm Wicked through and through.


                        • Whats in a name?

                          Dear Ally,

                          Yes I take your point about the forcible transportation of children to Canada. However to put this in to some sort of context I believe there was a 98% success rate in this policy. Don't forget what Barnardo was doing may seem reprehensible to us today but it was a policy that was followed by our own Government until well after 1945 I believe. In other words Barnardo was not acting any differently than the authorities. Now I'm not saying that makes it right, what I am saying is that it makes it understandable.

                          If for example others were treating these children in an entirely different fashion, and Barnardo alone was transporting them to Canada then you would have cause to question his methods.

                          What I object is the way in which it seems to be all right to stick slanderous labels on anyone without offering a shred of proof that what you are saying is correct.

                          Where does it end? Will we next have posters calling each other drug takers, murderers, rapists etc and when challenged only to have their defence consist solely of saying, " Oh well that's only my label for you, I'm not saying it's true.

                          All the best.


                          • Hey Alex,

                            Thought it was probably you, based upon one of the comments you made. Welcome back to the boards.


                            Back during one of the old incarnations of this message board the posts used to display the "full name" field with the username underneath so that it'd be, for example, Dan Norder (dnorder) at the top of every post. When we switched from the old software to the vBulletin software (which was a while ago) the only name at the top is the username, so people who wanted a full name up there made their username be their full name. Looks like Alex was thinking it still went the old way.

                            Dan Norder
                            Ripper Notes: The International Journal for Ripper Studies
                            Web site: - Email:


                            • Personally I have no interest in/or sympathy with Dr B !- I find this Canadian transportation thing totally despicable to be honest! (and even beyond that!!! -At least if you stole a loaf of bread you knew what was coming your way...but to be living in a poor house with OK- dubious parentage....was that a crime? The Child Catcher may be around any second!!!!....seriously worrying...especially when overlaid with Education and potential religion!!!

                              Anyway if Alex has sorted out his name thing that's OK and as long as he's not 'The Profit' (Wonder what's happening with that wondrous BOOK )-

                              That's OK in my mind....

                              As I said earlier- Has anyone got anything useful/relevant to say about the Barnardo person??

                              Suz x
                              'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


                              • Hi Dan,
                                Thanks for the was very much appreciated.