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what would you say about Jack?

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  • what would you say about Jack?

    Based on all the information on this site, how would you discribe Jack?

    How old would he be?

    What would you say his Physical description be?

    what would you say about his state of mind?

    What type of weapon he used? not just a knife but what kind of knife?

    why did he hate the women he killed or did he hate someone else and took
    it out on the women on the streets?
    In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King !

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    Great idea for a thread, so here are my answers.
    Physical Description.
    I would suggest he was a man shortish of stature.,but powerful, and used to manual labour, aged about 30years, not however of threatening appearance.
    State of Mind.
    I would suggest that on the nights he killed he was drunk, enough to fuel his rage, and slightly unbalance him, but aware of his actions.
    Kind of Weapon.
    Some kind of knive that he may have used during his work, for slicing fish perhaps?
    His Motive.
    A massive hatred of the prostitute class, especially middle aged ones, and a desire to keep a certain victim of the streets.
    Oh dear' I have given the game away......
    Regards Richard.


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      Hi Nov9

      28 - 35 yrs

      Short stout and very strong

      Psychopath - possibly schitzo...

      6 inch knife very sharp both sides and pointed

      He was scared of women and their sexuality, he didn`t hate them.


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        This is pure speculation, but I'd be willing to bet that JTR was bad peeps.

        Yours truly,

        Tom Wescott


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          Hi all,

          I'd say Jack was about 35, average height but strong and fit. I'd say he used a smallish, sharp pointed knife, as previously suggesed - possibly a knife he used for work. I'd say he was lucid enough to engage the women in conversation, charming enough to give them confidence but deadly and swift enough to render them helpless and do his work. I think he was a fairly controlled individual until he got his victim in a vulnerable state, then he was driven by the excitement and possibly anger. I think he was local and working class.


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            24 years and7 months
            120 and a half pounds
            brown hair,slightly grey at the sides
            5 feet 8 and a quarter inches
            a possible violent disposition
            worked as an organist in a methodist church
            subscribed to national geographic
            probabley had piles
            had at one time sung baritone in the salvation army choir (probabley)


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              Hi Dougie.
              I am amazed at the description, so realistic/detailed, I am now swopping over to census to pinpoint possible suspects, either that or have a pint[ after a long day] and a nice pizza.
              What a decision...
              Seriously this is a great thread , but what a impossibe call..


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                Originally posted by dougie View Post
                probabley had piles
                ...that's the riddle of the "bunch of grapes" explained, then.

                Let it never again be said that the preparation of "H" Division was deficient.
                Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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                  What would I say about Jack?

                  Hes arguably the best golfer since Bobby Jones, he out drove all his competition during his competitive years, I dont think he really cares for Arnold that much, and he had a really bad putting stance.

                  Good thread, not enough golf related threads on here.

                  Best regards all.


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                    I agree that Jack was a great golfer. He had a much better slice than OJ Simpson and never lost to Ted Kennedy, who had a bad habit of driving into water.

                    Yours truly,

                    Tom Wescott


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                      Appropriate to bring up the Slice Tom, instead of always discussing Hookers.

                      I just noticed that your last 2 posts are both indicated as your 527th......deja vu......oh no, is this The Matrix?

                      Cheers Tom


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                        So Dougie, are you implying that it wasn't Ostrog?
                        This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

                        Stan Reid


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                          Oh and i forgot to add ,that using my vast and detailed knowledge of criminal profiling and general expertise in these matters I also came to the conclusion that Jack shopped at tescos and passed wind at regular intervals....the rest Im keeping to myself
                          No it couldnt have been Ostrog...he didnt have piles.
                          I liked the bunch of grapes quip....very droll
                          Let me know of the results of your search, maybe we can put our heads together and solve this mystery once and for all.


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                            The real Jack

                            Probably 'seemed like a nice guy' to his neighbours


                            Dominating mother

                            Took religion too seriously

                            Not getting laid enough


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                              I would describe him as middle aged, scottish, wears a suit and red tie. Tries to make his victims feel safe and protected but has no real control over situation. A very dangerous man given too much power............

                              Wait a minute thats Gordon Brown.
                              Living the Dream!