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  • Vigilance committees

    Has anyone compiled a list of the various different groups of concerned citizens known as vigilance committees, who took it upon themselves to patrol the streets of Whitechapel during the Autumn of Terror?

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    Hi Joshua,

    Not sure if this is entirely what you're looking for, but I hope it helps somewhat:




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      Actually that's great, thanks SOS!

      It's tantalising mentions of numerous different committees - such as "The number of Vigilance Committees that have been formed is remarkable" - without actually naming them, that got me wondering.

      The article does name a couple, other than the obvious, so that's good. It also has a separate article on Backert which is also interesting.

      ​​​​​​​I have also seen mention of another formed in the wake of the Double Event;

      Echo 4th Oct 1888
      "We are sure to catch the murderer now, for yesterday Mr. Matthews was engaged for some hours at the Home Office on business relating to the murders, and had a prolonged interview with Sir Charles Warren. To make assurance doubly sure, the Anti-Sugar Bounty Agitators, who met at the Three Nuns, Aldgate, have formed a Workmen's Vigilance Committee to assist the police. We can all sleep comfortably in our beds now"

      ​​​​​​​Even more interestingly, the Three Nuns is where Bachert had apparently encountered a suspicious character on the night of the murders.