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Publisher seeking works featuring the Ripper

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  • Publisher seeking works featuring the Ripper

    I came across a publishers add seeking Original works about Jack the Ripper. If anyone on here would like info PM me. I don’t know if mentioning the publishers name is a violatin of the forum rules. If its not then let me know and I will cut and paste the add.

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    Ads like that are often scams.

    real publishers don’t need to advertise for material. Small sham “publishers” take would-be authors ‘ rights and coax them into paying the publisher “for PR” or similar.

    just, you know, something to remember. Lots of stories about this online about authors being ripped off.


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      Oh, you're talking about a vanity press type deal, like LuLu. This is a trade publisher. They are expanding their subject areas and one of them is true crime. I am not an advanced ripperologist, or even a novice ripperologist. I have read many books on the subject and have a theory on the murders that I have never before come across. I joined here to see if I can find anyone else that may have the same theory. As far as the publisher, I am an author and have a book in development with them right now. They are legit, ask for absolutely no money from the author, and pay a very hefty royalty rate.


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        I presume they are looking for nonfiction, not fiction? Couldn't tell from your original post.

        Anyway, good luck!
        Pat D.
        Von Konigswald: Jack the Ripper plays shuffleboard. -- Happy Birthday, Wanda June by Kurt Vonnegut, c.1970.