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Frederick Gehringer: Barrow Lender, Lodging House Keeper and Crime Lord?

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    Originally posted by seanr View Post
    The Geringher family seems to have had familial links to Spitalfields area prior to Frederick Geringher the senior relocatingthat from Germany to Brick Lane.

    Sebastian and Andrew Schwartz of 3 White's Row reference the family name in their will. Intriguingly, Andrew Schwartz appears to have incremently disinherited Frederic Gehringer​ (the senior) in a series of amendments to his will.

    Source (but also available from the National Archives)

    Wow, what an exceptional post!

    There's a lot to digest, but that's a good thing.

    I agree that it is evident that Frederick is slowly outcast from the will over time.

    That is quite revealing

    Another point that I find interesting; is that this proves that the Gehringer family was linked to the Schwartz family.

    It makes me wonder whether there's any significance to that point.

    The supposed witness/ghost of Berner Street; Israel Schwartz springs to mind.

    Can you imagine if he could be definitively linked to this Schwartz family in the data you posted above?

    That would be quite a coincidence

    I will endeavour to add to this thread in due course.

    Fascinating thread

    "Great minds, don't think alike"