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Booth's Notebook - Tailors No 2

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  • Booth's Notebook - Tailors No 2

    I am also transcribing the Booth notebook entitled "1888 - Tailors No 2" (cover below)
    As this covers Whitechapel and adjacent areas, and considering the year, I am transcribing the whole thing.
    It is in 21 sections and I will posting in 4 parts. The first part cover sections 1 to 5

    Booth Notebook

    Tailors No 2

    1888 - Tailors No 2

    Section 1

    Chamber Street.
    A German street, mostly trousers hands. Workshops upstairs in some cases, in others on the ground floor, this is usually the case in houses, which have a large window on the ground floor. Good class work, best bespoke and other.

    St Mary's Whitechapel
    Weidermann 14 Chamber Street
    Schaumliffel 15 Chamber Street
    Lunser 18 Chamber Street
    Manser 65 Chamber Street
    Radatz 65 Chamber Street
    Walch 71 Chamber Street
    Berner 77 Chamber Street
    Bradley 79 Chamber Street
    Radtke R 80Chamber Street
    Radtke 85 Chamber Street
    Kremer 86 Chamber Street
    Galbricht 87 Chamber Street
    Levy 89 Chamber Street
    Ruddutz 64 Chamber Street
    Reesig 63 Chamber Street
    Woolrich 9 Chamber Street
    Macmahon Chamber Street

    Section 2
    Melvillehill 34 Royal Mint Street
    Virgiels 144 Royal Mint Street
    Hatt Emily 30 Royal Mint Street
    McCarthy 34 Royal Mint Street
    Cohen 62 Royal Mint Street
    Kremer 12 Kings Street Royal Mint Street
    Woolf 26 Kings Street Royal Mint Street
    Drews 26 Kings Street Royal Mint Street
    Freetag 28 Kings Street Royal Mint Street
    Baines 12 Rose Court Royal Mint Street
    Duster 1 Sharps Buildings Tower Hill
    Plunke 1 Sharps Buildings Tower Hill
    Goldstein 1 Sharps Buildings Tower Hill
    Eisberg 35 Trinity Square
    Frietag 19 George Street Tower Hill
    Goldstein J 14 George Street Tower Hill
    Hoerchner 25 King Street Royal Mint Street
    Zipperich 7 King Street 7 King Street Royal Mint Street
    Frietag King Street

    The people in these streets would be in a small way of business, the majority having only one machine. Workrooms would be in various parts of the house, being dwelling rooms adapted to the needs of the occupier's trade.

    Leman Street.
    Good class of people. Most of the workshops are upstairs.

    Wachtel J 37 Leman Street
    Sherman 49 Leman Street
    Cohen Woolf 77 Leman Street
    Fox 76 Leman Street
    Rosenburg 89 Leman Street
    Speckman L 91 Leman Street
    Bammann 93 Leman Street
    Rosenberg 93 Leman Street
    Balkow J 97 Leman Street
    Bamberger M 58 Leman Street
    Deister 32 Dock Street
    Coates 4 Well Street Cable Street
    Tincer 2 or 3 Well Street Cable Street
    Cohen 2 and half Well Street Cable Street
    Jesizonowski 16 Well Street Cable Street

    Gowers Walk.
    Small houses facing the railway warehouses, which (are) on the side of the street. All coat hands.

    Simons 15 Plough Street Commercial Road
    Freedman 11 Buckle Street
    Goldstein M 11 Hoopers Square
    Tomlinson 18 Rupert Street Hooper Street
    Lewis 64 Lambeth Street
    Levy 65 Lambeth Street
    Harris 64 Lambeth Street
    Norman 45 Gowers Walk
    Cohen J 46 Gowers Walk
    Folder 50 Gowers Walk
    Lutenberg 58 Gowers Walk
    Cohen 60 Gowers Walk

    Duncan Street.
    All small employers. The top floor is usually workroom, the windows being large and affording plenty of light. Some shops in other parts of the house. Chiefly coat hands.

    Cohen 1 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Pyzer 6 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Greenwell 6 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Cohen S 8 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Marchant 7 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Greenstone 9 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Fox 9 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Normann 10 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Goldsmith 10 Duncan Street Leman Street
    Frankenstein 11 Duncan Street Leman Street

    Section 3

    St Georges (south of Cable Street).
    In this district, work is done in all parts of the house. There are many Germans and some Irish; a few Jews. The Irish do the best work.

    Benjamin 37 Wellclose Square
    Kremer 35 Wellclose Square
    Batzen 32 Wellclose Square
    Adler J 3 Wellclose Square
    Bruckmann 13 Wellclose Square
    Cyfer Wellclose Square
    Hinken Wellclose Square
    Fellman 10 Princes Square
    ? 16 Princes Square
    Michael 23 Princes Square
    Clodi 6 Betts Street
    Mimon 2 Denmark Street
    Rosenthorpe 2 Denmark Street
    Austin Emily 38 Denmark Street
    Clow 57 St Georges Street
    Adler A 61 Georges Street
    McBlaine 108 Georges Street
    Taylor 130 Georges Street

    Cable Street.
    A good class of shops, mostly in the house. Small employers predominate. There are a large number of Germans.

    Jerzisnosky 15 Cable Street
    Koch 17 Cable Street
    Goldberg 123 Cable Street
    Warshoskey 129 Cable Street
    Wagner 147 Cable Street
    Hansing 181 Cable Street
    Jacobs 199 Cable Street
    Jacobs J 205 Cable Street
    Winter S 207 Cable Street
    Baum 213 Cable Street
    Adler 215 Cable Street
    Alexander 217 Cable Street
    Collier 219 Cable Street
    Carter 219 Cable Street
    Levy 146 Cable Street
    Lyons 192 Cable Street
    Solomons 192 Cable Street
    Soberman 224 Cable Street
    Klein A 230 Cable Street
    Thais 169 Cable Street
    Solomons 171 Cable Street

    Backchurch Lane.
    All room workshops. Usually on the first or second floor.

    Cohen 34 Backchurch Lane
    Brenner 56 Backchurch Lane
    Kellor 56 Backchurch Lane
    Adevitz 67 Backchurch Lane
    Davies 100 Backchurch Lane
    Morris 114 Backchurch Lane
    Goldstein 54 Backchurch Lane
    Uderitz 67 Backchurch Lane
    Samuel 111 Backchurch Lane
    Eichholtz 110 Backchurch Lane
    Green 63 Backchurch Lane
    Rosenberg 26 Backchurch Lane
    Josephs Backchurch Lane

    Brunswick Street and adjacent streets.
    Workshops on the first floor front room as a rule. Small employers. Very common work.

    Goldstein 7 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Reece Nathan 14 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Cohen 29 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Hootmann 10 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Cohen A 25 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Levy 8 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Levy W 12 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Woolf Isaac 3 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
    Jacobs 17 Providence Street
    Sherman 20 Providence Street
    Schiff 37 Boyd Street
    Blank 31 Philip Street
    Erlisch 3 Philip Street
    Rosenberg Ellen Street

    Schulz 9 Berner Street
    Jager 11 Berner Street
    Sandground 12 Berner Street
    Lazarus 14 Berner Street
    Vinel 38 Berner Street
    Goldstein 40 Berner Street
    Wiener Leah 42 Berner Street
    Ironberg 51 Berner Street
    Birkoffsky 62 Berner Street
    Schiralchi 14 Berner Street
    Cohen 65 Berner Street
    Taylor 67 Berner Street
    Gyles Mrs. 63 Berner Street
    Rosenberg 38 Berner Street
    Pelican 31 Berner Street
    Frankenstein Berners Court
    Cohen 73 Berner Street
    Morris 80 Berner Street
    Solomons 8 Berner Street

    Section 5

    Christian Street.
    All small men with workrooms in the house.

    Baker 30 Christian Street
    Lipman 47 Christian Street
    Anhalt 56 Christian Street
    Alexander 82 Christian Street
    Nolscild 86 Christian Street
    Schroder 90 Christian Street
    Rosenbaum 93 Christian Street
    Jaffe 95 Christian Street
    Freese 103 Christian Street
    Bluestone 111 Christian Street
    Harris 111 Christian Street
    Gold 65 Christian Street
    Grace 74 Christian Street
    Woodard 88 Christian Street

    Baruch 3 Fairclough Street
    Fitzlaff 35 Fairclough Street
    Breck 37 Fairclough Street
    Moses 1 Batty Street
    Cohen 1a Batty Street
    Davies 29 Batty Street
    Tetzlaff 35 Batty Street
    Tetzlaff 39 Batty Street
    Broski 26 Batty Gardens
    Cohen D 61 Christian Street

    Grove Street.
    All small workshops in the house. A German street.

    Taylor 8 Grove Street
    Davis 8 Grove Street
    Zyfert 17 Grove Street
    Harris 27 Grove Street
    Jacobs 39 Grove Street
    Orton 57 Grove Street
    London 62 Grove Street
    Cooper Mrs. 71 Grove Street
    Jacobs 89 Grove Street
    Marks 97 Grove Street
    Abrahams 108 Grove Street

    Vineburgh 49 Everard Street Backchurch Lane

    Langdale Street.
    Workshops in the house. Small houses and mostly domestic workshops. This applies to the other streets on the sheet.

    Rosenthal 15 James Street
    Solomons 28 James Street
    De Young 34 James Street
    Harris H 7 Samuel Street
    Levy 1 Langdale Street
    Goldberg 12 Langdale Street
    Morrison 14 Langdale Street
    Hyman 14 Langdale Street
    Levy 24 Langdale Street
    Solomons 37 Langdale Street
    Cozinskie 47 Langdale Street
    Krosminski 47 Langdale Street
    Harris 51 Langdale Street
    Marks 4 William Street
    Myers 9 William Street
    Baum 25 John Street
    Leary Mrs. 15 John Street
    Carpenter Mrs. 19 Samuel Street
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    Sections 6 - 10

    Section 6

    Bagg & Son 28 Commercial Road
    Rapehael 148 Commercial Road
    Wallers 132 Commercial Road
    Lions 24 Commercial Road
    Rylands 166 Commercial Road
    Nolan 138 Commercial Road
    Michaels 244 Commercial Road

    Umberston Street.
    All small people. Workshops in the house, first floor as a rule.

    Koski A 15 Umberston Street
    Levy 15 Umberston Street
    Canton & Miller 13 Umberston Street
    Blumberg 21 Umberston Street
    Wood Mary 25 Umberston Street
    Koch 66 Umberston Street
    Phillips 66 Umberston Street
    Levy 74 Umberston Street

    Morgan Street:
    Small houses. All the shops would be in the ouse, the front room upstairs being the usual location as it is the largest room in the house. All small people.

    Simpson 40 Morgan Street
    Robinson 12 Morgan Street
    Thaiss 3 Morgan Street
    Lipkewitz 5 Morgan Street
    Goldstein 28 Morgan Street
    Cohen 20 Morgan Street
    Solomons 18 Morgan Street
    Bauman 16 Morgan Street
    Galston 38 Morgan Street
    Brooks 56 Morgan Street
    Marks 2 Cross Street Morgan Street
    Krynski 5 Cross Street Morgan Street
    Levy 10 Morgan Street
    Bellman 6 Morgan Street
    Lefcovich 7 or 9 Morgan Street
    Sidney 1 Cross Street
    Bryman 6 Cross Street

    Section 7

    Cannon Street Road.
    Large house, three and four floors, nearly all occupied as business premises and residence of employers. Workshops are found in all parts of the house, top floor or parlours (ground floor) being the most common place. In several houses, there are two and occasionally more businesses carried on.

    Cohen 46 Cannon Street Road
    Rosenberg 70 Cannon Street Road
    Jarrett H 70-72 Cannon Street Road
    Loobliner 74 Cannon Street Road
    Alexander 78 Cannon Street Road
    Bucks 12 Cannon Street Road
    Davis 100 Cannon Street Road
    Solomons A 116 Cannon Street Road
    Crown H 118 Cannon Street Road
    Cohen 130 Cannon Street Road
    Michaels 138 Cannon Street Road
    Jacobs 142 Cannon Street Road
    Phillips 158 Cannon Street Road
    Klugman 160 Cannon Street Road
    Jacobs 164 Cannon Street Road
    Firkins 168 Cannon Street Road
    Zayfert 172 Cannon Street Road
    Harris 7 Cannon Street Road
    Abrahams 173 Cannon Street Road
    Rabin M 165 Cannon Street Road
    Levy J 161 Cannon Street Road
    Goldstein H 49 Cannon Street Road
    Levy 21 Cannon Street Road
    Medas L 122 Cannon Street Road
    Staaks 128 Cannon Street Road
    Green Cannon Street Road

    St Georges in the East (east of Cannon Street Road)

    Simmonds 15 Lower Chapman Street
    Farrell Eliz. Smiths Place Lower Chapman Street
    Dodson 3 Virginia Place
    Perkins 2 Albion Place
    Ward Emily 27 Tait Street
    Baxter 36 Tait Street
    Parish Ely 53 Tait Street
    Sadler 54 Tait Street
    Hedgeman Mrs. 59 Tait Street
    Stannard Kate 41 Upper Chapman Street
    Dorling 39 Upper Chapman Street
    Kenchler 35 Upper Chapman Street
    Knott Selina 8 Chapman Place Upper Chapman Street
    Humphreys 9 Chapman Place Upper Chapman Street
    Leaver 10 Chapman Place Upper Chapman Street
    Lovell 3 Walburgh Place
    Stannard 41 Ann Street
    Warren 14 Mary Street
    Cook 25 Mary Street
    Parish 34 Morris Street
    Aarons 49 Cornwall Street

    Section 8

    Anthony Street.
    All small workrooms in the house. Mostly little people doing warehouse work.

    Rabin 6 Kinder Street Commercial Road
    Phillips 33 Richard Street
    Vice 55 Richard Street
    Bundock 67 Richard Street
    Phillips 11 Anthony Street
    Jacobs 13 Anthony Street
    Cohen Morris 15 Anthony Street
    Parker 43 Anthony Street
    Robinson 46 Anthony Street
    Theobolt 54 Anthony Street
    Dodd Mrs. 99 Anthony Street
    Brown Agnes 5 Lower Fenton Street Anthony Street
    Lazarus 16 Lower Fenton Street Anthony Street
    Blackbrough 10 Anthony Street Buildings
    Bawtell 9 Anthony Street Buildings

    Buross and Hungerford Streets.
    No proper workshops; all private rooms used for the trade. Poor class of work and people.

    Lipman 2 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Marks 2 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Muntz 4 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Hughes 42 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Julier Ann 45 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Tarleton 50 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Thompson Mrs. 51 Buross Street Commercial Road
    Brown 36 Hungerford Street
    Martin 29 Hungerford Street
    Richardson Matilda 3 Hungerford Street

    Star and Devonshire Streets.
    Mr. Rudman (Singers) does not know any tailors in these streets except Schapria.

    Salter 5 Star Street
    Marriner 39 Star Street
    Sullivan 41 Star Street
    Goss 53 Star Street
    Craze 46 Star Street
    Marriner 54 Star Street
    Arnold 5 Star Court Star Street
    Schapria 7 Devonshire Street
    Levene 19 Devonshire Street

    Anhardt 42 Sutton Street
    Neal Mrs. 63 Sutton Street
    Harriss Eliz. 12 Spencer Street
    Stemnitz 10 Spencer Street
    Manhood Mrs. 8 Spencer Street
    Selbeck Mrs. 8 Spencer Street

    Proudfoot and Willis Johnson Street
    Mackenzie 7 Johnson Street

    Greenberg Sutton Street East
    Boon Mrs. Sutton Street East
    Hill Mrs. Sutton Street East

    Section 9

    Mile End Old Town
    West of New Road

    Wenierlein 3a Union Street
    Ewert 5 Union Street
    Michaels 9 Union Street
    Lazarus & Epstein 16 Union Street
    Solomons 19 Union Street
    Cohen 20 Union Street
    Goldstein 6 Union Street
    Solomons 2 Union Street
    Schmuckles 42 Union Street
    Kaliski 11 Mountford Street Union Street
    Berlinsky 18 Mountford Street Union Street
    Habbes L 12 Zion Square Union Street
    Donovan Mrs. 7 Zion Square Union Street
    Madgett 13 Zion Square Union Street
    Levy 5 Holloway Street Union Street
    Levenson 14 Chapel Place Union Street
    Jacobs 26 Chapel Place Union Street
    Miller 5 Chapel Place Union Street
    Jacobs 17 Chapel Place Union Street

    Mulberry Street.
    Small masters. No proper workshops. Mostly three storied houses the upper floor being used for the business.

    Silver S 4 Mulberry Street
    Rosenberg 5 Mulberry Street
    Goldstein 6 Mulberry Street
    Solomons 8 Mulberry Street
    Goldstein 14 Mulberry Street
    Elliott 2 Morrison Buildings
    McCarthy 44 Morrison Buildings

    Section 10

    Plumbers Row.
    Mostly small employers engaged on shop work as a rule and not employing more than 5 or 6 workers. Most of the workrooms are in the houses but a few have garden workshops - sheds adadpted to the trade exigencies.

    Plumbers Row - Mr. Bowsher's return - October 1888
    2-6 None
    8-10 None
    12 Gustell Morris - 35 Years experience. Home worker, self and wife only. 1st class bespoke.
    14-18 None
    20-22 Tailor at each house. Works out (employed)
    24 None
    26 Tailor, works elsewhere
    28-30 None
    32 Tailor, works elsewhere
    34 Spiegel Jacob. Employs 10 men and 3 girls. 18 years experiemce. General slop work.
    36 Tailor, works elsewhere
    38 Harris Israel. Employs 4 man and 4 girls. 15 years experience. Plain slop work.
    40-42 None
    44 Goldstein Jacob S. Employs 6 man and 8 girls. 11 years experience. Medium slop work. Medium slop work.
    46 Billien Abraham. Employs 5 men and 4 girls, ladies. Bespoke work. Riding habits etc. 13 years experience.
    48 Rosenthal Louis. Employs 5 men and 2 girls. 12 years experience. General slop work. Another tailor lives here and works elsewhere.
    50-62 None
    54 Tailor, works elsewhere
    56-58 None
    60 Tailor, works elsewhere.
    62-82 None

    1 Tailor, works elsewhere
    3-7 None
    9 Two tailors, work elsewhere
    11-13 None
    15 Tailor, works elsewhere
    17-19 None
    21 Two tailors, work elsewhere
    23 Goldberg Hyman. Employs 2 men and 3 girls. 20 years experience. General slop work.
    25 Dancyger Samuel. Employs 4 men and 2 girls. 30 years experience. Bespoke work from Gardener's.
    27 Hermon Harris. Employs 7 men and 8 girls. General slop work. 27 years experience.
    29 Tailor, works elsewhere.
    31 Marks Joseph. Employs 4 men and 2 girls. 14 years experience. General slop work.
    33 None
    35 Finkelstein Mark. Employs 6 man and 2 girls. 28 years experience. Ladies bespoke work.
    37 Cohen Solomon. Employs 5 men and 3 girls. 34 years experience. Slop work.
    39 Flower Alex. Employs 5 men and 4 girls. 20 years experience. Ladies bespoke work. Riding habits, mantles, costumes.
    41 Green Thomas. Employs 3 men and 4 girls. 20 years experience. Ladies bespoke work.
    43 None
    45-49 One tailor in each house. Works elsewhere.
    51 None
    53 Tailor, works elsewhere.
    55-61 None
    63 Two Tailors. Work elsewhere.
    65-69 A tailor lives in each house. Works elsewhere.
    71 None
    73 Harris Herman. Employs 1 girl. 15 years experience. Trousers. Best bespoke.
    75-79 None
    81 Etgert Nathan. Employs 6 men and 2 girls. First class bespoke from Walter Whiffins's. 29 years experience.
    83 Chapman Louis. Employs 5 men and 1 girl. First class bespoke work. 20 years experience.
    85 Four tailors. Work elsewhere.

    In Plummers Row, there are 84 inhabited houses. Tailoring is carried on at 17 of these or 20% of the people. There are also a large number of journeymen lodging in this street. Our list contains 15 employing tailors as compared with 16 employing tailors and one home worker in special return.

    Yalford Street.
    All work done in the houses. Small employers. Good coat trade.

    Yalford Street - Mr. Bowsher's return - October 1888
    Memo: Of 41 houses in the street, 4 are occupied by tailors (employers) or about 9.7%. Slight differences as marked below.

    2-20 No shops. Houses marked * a tailor lives but works elsewhere. (These are Nos 2, 16, 20, 6, 8, 22, 24, 30)
    1-35 No tailors shops.
    37 Holrie Harris. Employs 3 men and 2 girls. Second class bespoke for Dombey and Son. 40 years experience.
    39 Rosenberg Jacob. Employs 4 men and 2 girls. 31 years experience. Coat and general slop work. Another tailor lives here but works out.
    41 Solomons Abraham. Employs 5 men and 5 girls. 37 years experience. Uniforms - Army, Police and Post Office.
    Another tailor lives here, works elsewhere.
    43 Lazarus Aaron. Employs 6 men and 6 girls. Second class coat work. 30 years experience.
    Another tailor lives here but works elsewhere.
    45 None

    Goldberg 23 Plumbers Row
    Danzyger 25 Plumbers Row
    Hwermann 27 Plumbers Row
    Green 41 Plumbers Row
    Marks 31 Plumbers Row
    Spiegel 34 Plumbers Row
    Cohen 37 Plumbers Row
    Finkelstein 35 Plumbers Row
    Phillips 38 Plumbers Row
    Flower 39 Plumbers Row
    Lipman 43 Plumbers Row
    Rosenthal 48 Plumbers Row
    Etgert 81 Plumbers Row
    Chapman 83 Plumbers Row
    Baker 69 Plumbers Row
    Harriss 37 Plumbers Row
    Harriss 38 Yalford Street
    Rosenberg 39 Yalford Street
    Solomons 41 Yalford Street
    Miller 43 Yalford Street
    Moss 45 Yalford Street
    Furks 45 Yalford Street


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      Sections 11 - 15

      Section 11.

      Greenfield Street.
      On the right hand side of the street, entering from Commercial Road, the houses have nice garden workshops, but on the other side the workrooms are in the house. A rather superior class of people.

      Levy 4 Greenfield Street
      Joseph 9 Greenfield Street
      Miller 11 Greenfield Street
      Cohen 15 Greenfield Street
      Morris 19 Greenfield Street
      Esner 20 Greenfield Street
      Kazanoski 21 Greenfield Street
      Solomons 22 Greenfield Street
      Hyams 22 Greenfield Street
      Rosenbaum 25 Greenfield Street
      Fox 26 Greenfield Street
      Fifer 27 Greenfield Street
      Hubriez 30 Greenfield Street
      Hennessy 36 Greenfield Street
      Parr 54 Greenfield Street
      Cohen 58 Greenfield Street
      Gold 63 Greenfield Street
      Goldstein 70 Greenfield Street
      Rosen 71 Greenfield Street
      Lyons 72 Greenfield Street
      Perlmutler 73 Greenfield Street
      Abrahams 74 Greenfield Street
      Sleeves 75 Greenfield Street
      Schmidt 76 Greenfield Street
      Girklke 78 Greenfield Street
      Phillips 81 and half Greenfield Street
      Solomons 83 Greenfield Street
      Goldberg 84 Greenfield Street
      Posner 87 Greenfield Street
      Staaks 87 Greenfield Street
      Dicks 89 Greenfield Street
      Goldberg 86 Greenfield Street
      Lazarus 25 Greenfield Street
      Lohski 50 Greenfield Street
      Schiff M 77b Greenfield Street
      Rosenthal 5 Coker Street Greenfield Street
      Harris 2 Charles Court Greenfield Street

      Nottingham Place.
      All have workshops in the house, at the top as a rule. Good work as a rule. All coat workers and in a small way, employing under 10 workpeople as a rule (5 or 6 average).

      Rosenberg 1 Nottingham Place
      Cohen 4 Nottingham Place
      Rosenbaum 6 Nottingham Place
      Rabin 6 Nottingham Place
      Rotansky 11 Nottingham Place
      Marks 13 Nottingham Place
      Cohen L 14 Nottingham Place
      Cohen E 16 Nottingham Place
      Levine 22 Nottingham Place
      Barnett 24 Nottingham Place
      Green 25 Nottingham Place
      Last 26 Nottingham Place
      Marrow 27 Nottingham Place
      Price Jacob 30 Nottingham Place
      Solomons Saml 37 Nottingham Place
      Goldberg 37 Nottingham Place
      Price Issac 40 Nottingham Place
      Wolf 31 Nottingham Place
      Harris 31 Nottingham Place
      Bryman 5 Forsham Street
      Price 14 Nottingham Place

      Settles Street.
      All small people. Work in the house.

      Green 42 Settles Street
      Harris 47 Settles Street
      Klein 49 Settles Street
      Bartkowitz 59 Settles Street
      Foss 60 Settles Street
      Spero 62 Settles Street
      Toffler 62 Settles Street
      Solomons 72 Settles Street
      Fredericks 7 Gloucester Court Settles Street

      Myrdle Street.
      All workshops in the houses. Small people employing 2 or 3 hands and working themselves.

      Grice 1 Myrdle Street
      Nathan 2 Myrdle Street
      Pulverman 5 Myrdle Street
      Nathan J 6 Myrdle Street
      Berg 36 Myrdle Street
      Alexander 38 Myrdle Street
      Goldberg 40 Myrdle Street
      Rosenbourne 40 Myrdle Street
      Thaiss J 58 Myrdle Street
      Crosier Mrs. 65 Myrdle Street
      Hardt 79 Myrdle Street
      Beagle 29 Myrdle Street
      Samuels Myrdle Street

      New Road.
      All people in a medium class of work and employing about 5 or 6 hands. Work is usually carried on in the houses but there are one or two yard shops. These are the exception.

      Abrahams 9 New Road
      Hart N 17 New Road
      Gotlob 21 New Road
      Marchant 27 New Road
      Cohen J 30 New Road
      Levy J 32 New Road
      Silverberg 38 New Road
      Goldtstein 40 New Road
      Zeff 41 New Road
      Stocks 44 New Road
      Berg A 54 New Road
      Malen 56 New Road
      Price 57 New Road
      Simmons 59 New Road
      Smith J 61 New Road
      Rosenberg 80 New Road
      Bender 74 New Road
      Cohen 77 New Road
      Goldstein 21 New Road
      Reuter 74 New Road
      Abrahams 10 New Road

      Section 13.
      Mile End Old Town (east of New Road).

      Batzer 67 Teviner Street
      Peterson 28 Teviner Street
      Goldberg 19 Teviner Street
      Margellan 101 Teviner Street
      Lyons 1 Walden Street
      Rosenberg 24 Walden Street
      Workwomans Guild 39 Walden Street
      Harris W 51 Walden Street
      Schaer 60 Nelson Street
      Levy 3 Philpot Street
      Shalk 35 Philpot Street
      Plumby Mrs. 54 Philpot Street
      frees 55 Philpot Street
      Thomas & Sons 3 Bedford Square
      Gardiner 20 Bedford Square
      Israelshon 18 Bedford Square
      Janes Bedford Square
      Happel 71 Bedford Street
      Bone Mrs. 16 Turner Street

      MacLeod Mrs. Jubilee Street
      White F 47 Jubilee Street
      Stinson 101 Jubilee Street
      Hewitt Mrs. 46 Sidney Street
      Quay Mrs. 39 Sidney Street
      Levy L 120 Sidney Street
      Murch Mrs. 39 Sidney Street
      Walsh Miss 127 Oxford Street
      Levy 118 Oxford Street
      Goodman 90 Oxford Street
      Moses 80 Oxford Street
      Garrett Mrs. 41 George Street
      Nevin M 12 Charles Street
      Bow Miss 31 Charles Street
      Rann M 6 Charles Street
      Michaels 47 Charles Street
      Proops E J & Co 121-123 Redmond Row
      Proops 21 Redmond Row
      Harrison Mrs. 68 Redmond Row
      Baker Miss Maidman Street

      Freeman S 12 Mile End Road
      Marks H 198 Mile End Road
      Myers 3 Beaumont Square
      Symons 17 Beaumont Square
      Harriss S 22 Beaumont Square
      Lyons 11 Calverley Street
      Richards F White Horse Lane
      Studholms A 32 White Horse Lane
      Humm J 17 Harford Street
      Scannell Mrs. 10 Wellesley Street
      Wilding Mrs. 61 Wellesley Street
      Morrish Miss 56 Wellesley Street
      Hawthorn R 56 Heath Street
      Cotton Miss 6 Heath Street
      Jeffery Mrs. 42 Arbour square
      Myers Mrs. 94 Coutts Road
      Forkett 8 Coutts Road
      Thunder Mrs. 100a Budge Street

      Section 14

      Shandy Street (Mr. Harmer's Return) - 30 October 1888

      5 Shandy Street Neville Mrs.
      9 Shandy Street Fuich Mrs.
      18 Shandy Street Sewill Mrs.
      34 Shandy Street Harman Mrs (Mother employing daughter)
      34 Shandy Street Harman Sophia
      34 Shandy Street Harman Henriette
      36 Shandy Street Allen Mrs.
      47 Shandy Street Porter Mrs.
      48 Shandy Street Jennings Mrs.
      49 Shandy Street Frost Mrs.
      66 Shandy Street Slade Mrs.
      79 Shandy Street Elson Mrs.
      70 Shandy Street Nunn Mrs.
      74 Shandy Street Housigo Mrs.
      83 Shandy Street Evans Mrs.
      89 Shandy Street Powis Mrs.
      99 Shandy Street Downey Mrs.
      101 Shandy Street Briggs Mrs.
      103 Shandy Street Nicholls Mrs.
      105 Shandy Street Barker Mrs.

      Note: All the above are engaged in the tailoring trade. There are 101 houses occupied in Shandy Street.

      Memo: Of the 101 occupied houses, 18 are occupied by persons engaged in tailoring. Of these 16 are home workers. Of the other two, one (Mrs. Nicholls at 103) should be on list while woman at No 34 is possibly only to be classified in the domestic.

      Dyer Mrs. 84 St Anns Road
      Jacobs Mrs. Skidmore Street
      Foster Mrs. 95 Bow Common Lane
      Webb Mrs. 12 Bow Common Lane
      Leonard Mrs. 32 Rowsell Street

      Dubenski Burdett Road
      Compton & Sons 196 Burdett Road
      Cromarty Turners Road
      Garrett H Turners Road
      Bigden J 76 Turners Road
      Finney S 23 Turners Road
      Goode Mrs. Turners Road
      Webb Mrs. 175 Turners Road
      Hall Mrs. 38 Bloomfield Street
      Collier Mrs. 25 Bloomfield Street
      Bennett Mrs. 82 Bloomfield Street
      James Mrs. 82 Bloomfield Street
      Remington 2 Huddart Street
      Attridge Mrs. 16 Bloomfield Road
      Cheltenham 118 Stepney Green
      Neave Mrs. Salisbury Street Burdett Road
      Cheety Mrs. 6 Salisbury Street Burdett Road
      Remington 26 St Pauls Road
      Blake Mrs. 95 St Pauls Road
      Smith Mrs. 95 St Pauls Road
      McGarry Mrs. 97 St Pauls Road
      Hubbard Mrs. 12 St Pauls Road
      Emerson Mrs. 46 Maplin Street
      Baker Miss 21 Maplin Street

      Section 15


      Greenway & Sons 9 Limehouse Causeway
      Baker Mrs. 20 Limehouse Causeway
      Hart Mrs. Three Colt Street
      Webb & Co (Factory) Dodd Street
      Larkin Mrs. 51 Locksley Street
      Manistry Mrs. 28 Dodd Street
      Pickett Mrs. 144 Carr Street
      Cash Mrs. Whitehorse Street
      Nitz A 80 Whitehorse Street
      Walters D 340 Commercial Road
      McKinnon 364 Commercial Road
      Samuels M 471 Commercial Road
      McBlane High Street Shadwell
      Mablust Emma 7 High Street Shadwell
      Eicholtz 83 High Street Shadwell

      Lee Mrs. 50 James Place
      Hall Mrs. 21 Gun Lane
      Thompson Mrs. 48 Burgess Street
      Hardy Mrs. 63 Pennyfields
      Rowell Mrs. 51 Pennyfields

      Glencoe Street (Mr. Trenoweth's Return) - October 16 1888

      1 Glencoe Street No work of any kind
      2 Glencoe Street Robinson Mrs.
      3-5 Glencoe Street No work
      6 Glencoe Street Hatton Mrs.
      7-13 Glencoe Street No work of any kind
      14 Glencoe Street Eaves Mrs.
      15 Glencoe Street No work
      16 Glencoe Street Durant
      17 Glencoe Street Marlin Mrs.
      18 Glencoe Street Day Mrs.
      19 - 22 Glencoe Street No work of any kind
      23 Glencoe Street Willing Mrs.
      24 - 25 Glencoe Street No work of any kind
      26 Glencoe Street Eashing and ironing taken in
      27 Glencoe Street Honour Ada
      28 - 29 Glencoe Street No work of any kind
      30 Glencoe Street Cope Mrs.
      31 Glencoe Street Holman Mrs.
      33 Glencoe Street McKirby
      35 Glencoe Street North Mrs.
      37 - 41 No work of any kind
      45 Glencoe Street Casey Mr. Shoemaker

      Memo: Of the 38 occupied houses in Glencoe Street, no work is done at 24 of them. Persons engaged in tailoring are only found in 6 out of the 38 houses or 15.8%. Of these 6, only two can be termed employers, the rest being homeworkers.


      Keefe T High Street Poplar
      Kurth M 92 High Street Poplar
      Kempner High Street Poplar
      White W High Street Poplar
      Hoare Mrs. F 178 West Ferry Road
      Schmidt West Ferry Road
      Hoe Mrs. 193 West Ferry Road
      Williams T 22 East India Dock Road
      Goldberg A East India Dock Road
      Guest W 97 St Leonards Road
      Dunn Mrs. 322 St Leonards Road
      Durant Mrs 16 Glencoe Street
      Randall Upper North Street
      Bath 48 Sussex Street
      Biggs Mrs. 8 Devons Road
      Reader Mrs 304 Devons Road
      Pender Mrs. 254 Devons Road
      Skinner Mrs. 288 Devons Road
      Harrisdence Mr. 23 Chad Street
      McCrouch Mr. 26 Duffield Road


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        Many thanks for posting this invaluable information, Chris. Minor point of clarification; the "Krosminski" of 47 Langdale Street was actually "Abraham Kosminski", a 38 year-old tailor in 1888. He died of Bright's Disease in 1893.


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          Hi Scott
          Many thanks for the comment - much appreciated
          I should have added that this is a literal transcription without editing even where I suspect there had been an error in the original
          The name is given as Krosminski (see below)
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            this is the last part (Sections 16-21)

            Section 16

            Mason Miss 90 Knapp Road
            Collinson Mrs. 29 High Street Bromley
            Crangle Mrs. 56 High Street Bromley
            Lewin Mrs. 101 High Street Bromley
            Knapman Mrs. 21 Crispin Street Poplar
            Hide Mrs. 29 Railway Street Bromley
            Spicer Mrs. 29 Railway Street Bromley
            Steel Mrs. 48 Blackthorn Street
            Richardson Mrs. 90 Blackthorn Street
            Verlander Mrs. 5 Sherwood Street
            Hollis Mrs. 13 Eastward Street
            Hibberts Mrs. 14 Jefferson Street
            Scales Mrs. 57 Munns Terrace Three Mill Lane
            Adams Mrs. 8 Gough Street
            Hunt Mrs. 55 Suffolk Street
            Mrs. Dent 29 Nothumberland Street
            Mrs. Sterling 29 Nothumberland Street
            Mrs. Knibbs 29 Nothumberland Street

            Goody Jabez Raverley Street
            Goody 188 Campbell Road
            Wartski L 100 Campbell Road
            Little F 47 Rounton Road
            Garner Mrs. 51 Morville Street Tredegar Road
            Muttacks G Ford Street Old Ford Road
            East London Clothing Company Ford Street Old Ford Road
            Knight & Co (Factory) 408 Old Ford Road
            Tapscott Mrs. 288 Old Ford Road
            Field Mrs. 355 Old Ford Road
            Potters Mrs. 387 Old Ford Road
            Rottenberger 174 Roman Road
            Bodmin Mrs. 123 Tredegar Road
            Rowe Mrs. 3 Tredegar Road
            Freeman Mrs. 235 Bow Road
            Haywards 118 Bow Road
            Archer Mrs. 46 Coburn Road
            Deane H 4 Landseer Road

            Section 17

            Moore Miss R 51 East Ferry Road
            ? 53 East Ferry Road
            Porter Miss E 11 Stobondale Street Manchester Road
            Farmer Miss A 29 Cecil Street Cubitt Town
            Jones Daniel 52 Glengall Road
            Hook Mrs. 24 Glengall Road
            Jones David 39 Plevna Street
            Adams Miss E 15 Charles Terrace Cubitt Town
            Bowler Mrs. A 10 Stephens Acre
            Fox Mrs. 1 Langton Street
            Desmeel John 386 Grosvenor Buildings
            Thomas Wm. 34 Ashton Street
            Hinken Mrs. 5 Albert Street Brunswick Street
            McKay Mrs. 3 Paradise Cottages Grays Street
            Middleton M J 3 Duff Fields St Leonards Road
            Dobson Mrs. 6 Duff Fields St Leonards Road
            Bluck Mrs. J 111 Augusta Road
            Bartlett Mrs. 111 Augusta Road

            Leven Road (Mr. Trenoweth's return) - October 16 1888

            136-138 No work of any kind
            140 True Mrs.
            142 - Empty
            144-148 No work of any kind
            150 Sparks Mrs.
            152 No work of any kind
            154 Pemberthy Mrs.
            156 Fenwick Mrs.
            158-160 No work of any kind
            162 Cleaver Mrs.
            164-184 No work of any kind
            186 Mrs. Gilders and Miss Winkworth
            188 Fenn Mrs.
            190-202 No work of any kind
            204 Mrs. Sindall and Hannah Bedlow
            206 Treloar Mrs.
            208-226 No work of any kind
            228 Hurst Mrs.
            230-232 No work of any kind
            234 Ross Mrs.
            236 No work of any kind
            238 Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Titmus
            240 Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Collins
            242-254 No work of any kind
            252 Empty
            256 Wetherall Mrs.
            258-260 No work of any kind
            262 Seal Mrs.
            264-268 No work of any kind
            270 Mills Mrs.
            272 Davis Mrs.
            274 Webb Mrs.

            Memo: There are 65 occupied houses in Leven Road and 5 empty. No work done in 48 of these houses nor any tailoring in 53 of them. There are 15 out of 70 different families engaged in the tailoring trade or about 21.4%. Of these 14 are home workers and one an employer, her name being on our list.

            Page 172-174 Abbots Road
            Hardy 170 Abbots Road
            Regan Mrs. M 167 Abbots Road
            Gregory Mrs. 82 Abbots Road
            Hayes Mrs. 33 Carmen Street Chrisp Street
            Holder Joseph 47 Blair Street
            Marsh F 73 Aberfeldy Street
            Meredith Mrs. 86 Aberfeldy Street
            Wetherall Mrs. C 256 Levens Road
            Davis Mrs. F 49 Portrae Street
            Gillman Mrs. J 58 Culloden Street
            Temperton Miss 58 Culloden Street
            Carl Fred. 106 Brunswick Street
            Birch Mrs. 18 Lion Street
            Ross Mrs. 12 Lion Street
            Harper Mrs. 17 Bygroat Street

            Section 18.

            Bethnal Green.

            Hales Mrs. 10 Grove Road
            Mayhew Grove Road
            Thompson C 21 Grove Road
            Douglas Miss Theresa 40 Medhurst Road
            Joules Mrs. 38 Medhurst Road
            Toe Mrs. H 31 medhurst Road
            Taylor Mrs. G 29 Medhurst Road
            Smith Mrs. 35 Vivian Road
            Gye Mrs. 53 Kenilworth Road
            Eley Mrs. 36 Bourne Road
            Backhouse 13 Ellesmere Road
            Knight Mrs. 18 Ellesmere Road

            Rosen 32 Cambridge Road
            Marks Cambridge Road
            Moses Cambridge Road
            Warwick Cleveland Street
            Castle 5 Paradise Row Cambridge Road
            Farjord 5 Paradise Row Cambridge Road
            Wafles Mrs. 30 Victoria Park Square
            Dingly Mrs. 25 Victoria Park Square
            Castley R H Green Street
            Moss L 107 Green Street
            Levy S Green Street
            Isaacs A 44 Morpeth Street
            Munro J Victoria Mews Old Ford Road
            Newling 35 Bishops Road
            Garrett 148 Bishops Road

            Hibbert & Co 35 Bethnal Green Road
            Pascoe and Vivian (Factory) 1 Cromwell Buildings Swan Street
            Staples 90 Old Bethnal Green Road
            Slater 1 Warner Place
            Hill 58 Warner Place
            Grafton 15 Pollare Street
            Grimaldi 17 Pollard Street
            Cox 8 Pollard Street
            Rosetti 9 Crescent Place
            Becker 9 Crescent Place
            Henke 32 Crescent Place
            Michael 303 Hackney Road
            Glanfield & Co 464 Bethnal Green Road
            Saunders 22 Burgoyne Road
            Harvey Mrs. 17 Medway Road

            Section 19.

            Rumney 172 High Street Stoke Newington
            Thomas Mary Ridley Road
            Elvey C J 3 Amhurst Road
            Hills F High Road Clapton
            Bennett H 43 Mare Street
            Bennett H 473 Mare Street
            Waters & Co Mare Street
            Chilcote Mrs. 166 Mare Street
            Held A London Lane
            Martin Mrs. 7 Bayford Street Mare Street
            Hagger A 32 Elsdaile Street Well Street
            Smith C 9 Terrace Road South Hackney
            Saddler 52 Church Road Homerton

            Robinson W 84 Hertford Road
            Walton A H 33 Stamford Road
            Williamson J 46 Culford Road
            Hescot H 14 De Beauvoir Crescent
            Davies 7 Southgate Road
            Knight Englefield Road
            Steed J 48 Ardleigh Road

            Section 20.

            Watson E L 3 Cadogan Terrace Hackney

            Pheasant 7 East Road
            Spangenberg 12 East Road
            Lardner 104 East Road
            Thomas 53 Brunswick Place
            Woolf 54 Brunswick Place
            Studeins 62 Brunswick Place
            Schneider Brunswick Place
            Palmer 15 Brunswick Place
            Davis 53 Buttisland Street
            Newling 64 Bevenden Street
            King 7 Bevenden Street
            Kingdom 38 Bevenden Street
            Milburne 26 New North Road
            Gillman 104 Murray Street
            Brownley 10 Cropley Street
            Lanegan 61 Shepherdess Walk
            Timpkinas 73 Alma Street
            Allen 93 Bridport Place
            Lane 7 Felton Street

            Wade C 341 Kingsland Road
            Price 18 Fleming Street Kingsland Road
            Malworth 12 Harman Street
            Heys 60 Hoxton Street
            Cohen 98 Hoxton Street
            Levene 272 Hoxton Street
            Andrewes 249 Hoxton Street
            Schmidt 8 Essex Street Hoxton Street
            Tytherleigh 13 Windsor Terrace Hoxton Street
            Hayes 29 Myrtle Street Hoxton Street
            Joyce 32 Great Chart Street
            Werner 12 Charles Square

            Section 21.


            Krosman 2 Queen Street Worship Street
            Walter 6 Queen Street Worship Street
            Kreger 3 Queen Street Worship Street
            Ihrenfield 9 Queen Street Worship Street
            Killgren 10 Queen Street Worship Street
            Seabright 85 Clifton Street
            East 95 Clifton Street
            Stendall 100 Clifton Street
            Enden 100 Clifton Street
            Perle 102 Clifton Street
            Zeisener 19 Holywell Row
            Mahring 38 Holywell Lane
            Wohlmann 3 Paul Street Worship Street
            Schneider 43 Leonard Street
            Sacker 1 Boundary Street
            Lorkke 14 Harwar Street Hackney Road
            Heller 17 Johns Terrace Harwar Street
            Burns 26 Johns Terrace Harwar Street
            Sigart 54 Gownall Road
            Gilberg Morris Boundary passage
            Marchel Mrs. 11 Worship Street


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              Reynolds Newspaper

              Chris, thank you for posting the information. I notice the listing from Plumber's Row: 34 Spiegel Jacob. Employs 10 men and 3 girls. 18 years experience. General slop work. Researcher Charles Van Onselen mentioned an 1887 robbery at that address. He told of an article in Reynold's Newspaper "Wholesale Robbery of Overcoats" 12 February 1888, which involved one of the men in the orbit he was studying, Haskel Brietstien alias Adolph Goldberg as well as two others also taken into police custody named named Cohen and Levy. I don't see any Reynolds Newspapers in Casebook Press Reports section, but I have seen a few articles from that paper appear here and there, in various threads.

              I do not have access, or do not know how to go about finding that article. Does anyone have the ability to retrieve that article in question and post it here on Casebook? I would certainly appreciate it.

              Sink the Bismark


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                Hi Roy
                Thanks for the message
                I don't have access to archives of Reynolds but there is an online reference to a complete series held at Bradford University

                It may be worth contacting them to see if they can help


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                  Originally posted by Roy Corduroy View Post
                  Chris, thank you for posting the information. I notice the listing from Plumber's Row: 34 Spiegel Jacob. Employs 10 men and 3 girls. 18 years experience. General slop work. Researcher Charles Van Onselen mentioned an 1887 robbery at that address. He told of an article in Reynold's Newspaper "Wholesale Robbery of Overcoats" 12 February 1888, which involved one of the men in the orbit he was studying, Haskel Brietstien alias Adolph Goldberg as well as two others also taken into police custody named named Cohen and Levy. I don't see any Reynolds Newspapers in Casebook Press Reports section, but I have seen a few articles from that paper appear here and there, in various threads.

                  I do not have access, or do not know how to go about finding that article. Does anyone have the ability to retrieve that article in question and post it here on Casebook? I would certainly appreciate it.

                  I can post the article up for you, where would you like it?


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                    Since it is about the robbery of a tailoring shop, you could post it right here, unless Chris objects. Otherwise simply start a new thread titled Reynolds Newspaper report. Do it however you like. I appreciate your effort very much.

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                      Reynold's Newspaper Feb 12 1888

                      I'll put it here Roy, I think it can be moved if anyone feels it's not in the right place.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Reynold's Newspaper Feb 12 1888_Goldberg.jpg
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                        Again, thank you Debra.

                        Sink the Bismark


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                          this is great info, thanks for taking the time to transcribe it, particularly interesting as Hansing 181 Cable Street was my GG Grandfather


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                            Originally posted by Chris Scott View Post
                            Hi Scott
                            Many thanks for the comment - much appreciated
                            I should have added that this is a literal transcription without editing even where I suspect there had been an error in the original
                            The name is given as Krosminski (see below)
                            I am interested in the entry above KROZMINSKI/Kozminski
                            the name COZINSKIE??
                            sharing the same address, does that mean they worked together in the same house, and/or also lived together?
                            Thank you for your help so far, I am finding the posts very useful for my own research.


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                              Originally posted by wolfie1 View Post
                              I am interested in the entry above KROZMINSKI/Kozminski
                              the name COZINSKIE??
                              sharing the same address, does that mean they worked together in the same house, and/or also lived together?
                              Thank you for your help so far, I am finding the posts very useful for my own research.
                              In the absence of Chris - as I interpret it, this is a list of tailors' workshops, so presumably this was a house with two workshops.

                              You can download a PDF file of the whole book, which contains some additional information, here:

                              There is also a link to a catalogue entry that provides a little extra guidance.

                              In the 1891 census, there is only one household (Abraham's) at that address, occupying 4 rooms.