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Jewish comments on the Berner Street club

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  • Jewish comments on the Berner Street club

    I had previouly read press articles which gave the opinion that the Berner Street club members were not "good" Jews.
    However I was surpised at the vehemence and vitriol of the article below in which the club members are described as "not Jews," "vile creatures" and compared to "disgusting reptiles"!
    These are the relevant highlights from what is a long article

    Comments on the Berner Street club

    Jewish Standard
    22 March 1889

    The so-called procession of Jewish unemployed which nearly provoked a riot last week, and which actually culminated in some discreditable cases at the Thames Police Court, would be scarcely worthy of serious notice but for the publicity which the general press has given to its ridiculous proceedings.....

    So many people calling themselves Jews... cannot fail to instil a poisonous dislike of our people in many bosoms...

    We contend that the men concerned in the demonstration of last Saturday are not Jews in any sense of the term. They and their action have been disavowed by every meeting of genuine Jews, foreign or English, that has been held this week. They may have been born of Jewish parents, but here their Judaism began and ended. They are not unemployed, except in the sense that they prefer loafing to honest work...

    The guiding spirits of this outrage upon all the loftier feelings of humanity belong to the Berner Street Club. They are Jews by birth, but they are Socialists and Atheists by profession. These are the men who had a festival banquet on Yom Kippur. If they prefer not to believe in God, that is their lookout; but that they should go out of their way to deliberately insult the Jews from whose midst they have sprung, by violating the most sacred day in the year, shows that they are vile creatures for whom no contempt can be too strong, who excite the loathing called forth by the most disgusting reptiles. We can see no connection between Socialism and Judaism. Socialism is a revolt against the unequal distribution of the good things of this life, and is therefore a revolt against the inscrutable decrees of the Most High...

    To talk as these pestilent agitators talk is to cause bad blood between the rich and poor, to make enemies of those who should be friends. Such men may have ends of their own to gain by propagating such nonsense. It is the duty of every Jew to expose their fallacies, and to take his stand upon the laws of political economy and the Divine command to help the poor.

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    Thanks Chris

    That pretty much sums them up. "Too each according to his needs; from each according to his ability." They were not little old gray haired men sitting around reminiscing about the good times back home.

    There was much discussion about them over on the recent marathon Stride thread including the fact that these gentlemen charged admission to see where Elizabeth had been murdered. They could be quite enterprising capitalist when it was to their advantage.
    Best Wishes,

    When evidence is not to be had, theories abound. Even the most plausible of them do not carry conviction- London Times Nov. 10.1888


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      Jewish owners of sweat shops in cahoots with govt and police

      Thanks Chris,
      It in no way surprises me because I already knew that the owners of the sweat shops were mainly Jewish and were in cahoots with the elders of the Great synagogue in Mitre fact there was a kind of triangular "pact" with the authorites to try stop the demonstrations that began at the Berner street Club and often ended at the Great Synagogue near Mitre square.The police were co-opted and several books [Clive Bloom"s, "Violent London" being one of them]have even referred to "agents provocateur" being used to try to bring as much disgrace as possible on the club and to criminalise its members who were most often protesting about the terrible conditions and pay of the sweat shop system.
      There were lots of Police raids etc on the club but the enormous demonstration of 1889 that went from Commercial Street through to the City,rather put paid to the sabotage by the Jewish Sweat shop owners in cahoots with the government and the Police. So that in contrast to the dreadful trouble that broke out over the Bloody Sunday demonstration of1887, the "1889 Unemployment Demonstration" was a huge success with 2,00,000 workers and the unemployed being allowed to march through Whitechapel peacefully
      and actually end up have a number of their demands met.

      So no new news there Chris,it was all about those making big money from the sweat shops not wanting to part with it and boy were the big boys of the Great Synagogue made to do their bit to help them out!

      PS Hunter,everybody charged the public to see the murder sites.Hanbury Street viewing began almost immediately poor Annie was found.I suppose if you are dirt poor the cash can come in handy!