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I really hate how many people...

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    Speaking for myself, as a man, I never felt the slightest urge to marry Myra Hindley...
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      Originally posted by rbaynton View Post
      Its not just a JTR thing. I think its a function of the modern concept of bite size information. For example I have a more than marginal interest in the SS Titanic - suddenly after the Kate Winslett film came out a few years ago EVERYONE was an expert. Its the same with Jack and doubtless many other subjects, people see something on the telly or read a mass market book and think that they know it all. In actual fact, of course, you can study it for a lifetime and still come up with new info. as, indeed many people on these boards find. Fascinating innit!?
      Ha ha, I remember that, it's what started what call my "Titanic phase." Once I was hooked, I spent so many hours researching about the tragic jewel of the White Star Line. Like how the engines and the water-tight compartments worked, how revolutionary the ship was (like before this ship changed the practice, third-class passengers had to pack their own food for the entire trip), the amount of coal on board, precious one-of-kind items that were lost, prominent victims, first-hand accounts, and the intricate designs of the Grand Stair Case. I was barely eight at the time and yet you could ask me anything about the ship, 'cause I would know. (I wished I could recall half as much about the Titanic as I did then, since I've forgotten a lot of things over the years.)

      Then I would start talkng to other people who claimed to be experts, only to have to correct them constantly.

      It's quite sad, really. Sad that most people don't have the drive to look deeper and learn. They want everything to be given to them, right under their noses.
      "You want to take revenge for my murdered sister? Sister would definitely have not ... we would not have wanted you to be like this."

      ~ Angelina Durless


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        Originally posted by DarkTaleProductions View Post
        say they like Jack the Ripper and know who he is, without really knowing about him or anything.

        Like a friend of mine's friend told him that I was doing a short film on Jack the Ripper and the friend said that "That's his favorite slasher/serial killer," yet doesn't know anything about him other then he killed women in London.

        Who here has had that or have met people like this?

        Erm. Why would you care about what other people do or say?

        My advice is let them do what they want and stop worrying about it.

        And when you use the phrase "a friend of a friend" it makes me think you are about to tell us an urban myth.

        ..."(this is my literary discovery and is copyright protected)"...