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    Thanks Dan, I love you too.


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      well sure I might as well have a crack at this.............
      Publishing in the magazines is the best sort of peer review there is:
      ya reckon?

      First there's the editors, which at least in the case of Ripper Notes (the only one whose internal workings I am familiar with) means a very thorough examination of the content itself and not mere copy editing (and certainly exceeds the attention paid to the content at many academic journals and even many books).
      How you equate that with peer review is beyond me. Unless you have assembled an editorial posse who ar eexpert in every possible facet of every aspect of interest to ripper folk. So what it is in effect is copy editing

      Then there are the readers, who have already demonstrated a serious interest in the case and ultimately decide which information presented should stand the test of time.
      Huh? By that standard, an academic journal could publish any crap and see which information sinks of swims as judged by the audience and call itself peer reviewed? A bizarre concept but hardly unexpected from someone who thinks that editorial checking by some kind of cabal also equates with peer review.
      Our readers include all the major authors of books and encyclopedias on this topic, and certainly that's their best source for learning the results of new research.
      Oh Lord....thats funny. In effect, it calls itself an "International Journal", has no peer review but uses vague notions of "major authors" and "encyclopedias" to establish its credentials.
      The magazines are the middle ground between books and just chatting with other people.
      Which is the exact position the ripper magazines occupy.
      So, we know that A.P. Wolf (Cap'n Jack) and Mr. P aren't the intended audience of the magazines, and, in fact, I think, based upon the contents of their posts on this site, that's probably one of the better endorsements any publication could get.
      Nope. The best endorsement is that I have found the pages to be just the right size and texture and they break down easily in the septic tank.

      But aspallek did indicate a useful function and that was to get ones name associated with a particular piece of work.

      No need to be getting airs and graces at all.