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If you could travel back in time.

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  • If you could travel back in time.

    If you could travel back in time and be invisable to east London in 1888 where would you go and why?

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    Originally posted by Slimsid2000 View Post
    If you could travel back in time and be invisable to east London in 1888 where would you go and why?
    Erm, I would go to East London, perhaps the London Hospital to take Robert D'Onston Stephenson some grapes I had purchased from Mathew Packer. I would drink in all the pubs, or at least some of the better known. I would visit all the C5 and Non C5 murder sites, I would walk along the Thames looking for torso bits, get me hair cut at George Chapman's place. Go for a wander around the Minories, the list is endless.

    How long do we get to stay?
    Regards Mike


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      Hi Slimsid,

      I'd stand by each murder site at the appointed day and hour and watch what really happened.


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        I would go to Goulston Street and write 'Jack the Ripper was here'.


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          stirrring it up!

          Here's what I'd do: I'd meet each "victim" at the last point they were seen and hand them each a pocketful of change. Chances are they would have had enough to get a meal, some beer, and a few nights lodging and keep off the streets. That would mean we'd most likely have a whole new set of canonic victims, as JTR wouldn't have stopped looking for a likely candidate. Then I'd come back and we'd have a whole new set of people and scenarios to puzzle over. Lives would be saved, but only particular ones, because, as I said, JTR had a need to find unnoticed people to slaughter.

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            I have often pondered over this. The real question to me is 'would I want to know who did it?'. If yes then it is obvious, I would go to the murder scenes and I would see 'who done it'.
            However, if I decided that I liked the idea of the mystery and not solving it then I would spend some time getting to see the locations and victims.

            The thing is, after 20 years of being fascinated with this case, would I really want it solved??
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              I would visit my grandparents (I never knew them) and their brothers and sisters, my great-grandparents and their brothers and sisters and my great, great grandmother, Sophia, who lived from 1801 until 1893. They all lived in Poplar and Limehouse.


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                Hi Kat-

                That's a point what would we all do with ourselves!!!

                Hmmmmmmmmmm What would we do given that wondrous opportunity.........difficult one..!!!...

                OK----On this one.....I like the idea of giving them the money for a bed and a gin etc etc but Hey ...then we'd been in charge of 'em ,or with 'em at least while they toddled off to get rat a***d,accept bonnets etc etc, be able to do nothing of course- and then watch em killed! NOT a good plan.......

                Nah....I'd want a few trips (Probably VERRRRRY costly)- to be there as each girl left 'for the last time' -and say Turn Right/Left' whichever was the opposite to the one they took (allegedly!) - and say 'Soddit heres a tanner sweetheart- don't talk to strangers 'eh -lets' go to Ringers for a tuppence worth or two and then to bed!-together!!!! Sod the 4d!!!!!'

                Daft imagery there!! Come in Jana!!!!

                OR... to be Hutchinson- with a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a Photosmart printer!!!!

                And-hey The 'Steampunk' gear would be brilliant for this wouldn't it!!!!! EXCELLENT stuff Vila and Lyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in there BIG time!!!!! xx

                Suz x
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                  First off, I would make myself visible by smearing my body with some sort of Victorian cream. I would then borrow a guitar and raise some money by busking Elvis and Beatle songs, which I would then copyright under my name, invent rock`n`roll, all acoustic stuff, until electricity is invented.
                  With the money I would get the boat to Dublin and meet Bram Stoker, sharing my idea for the novel "Dracula". From Dublin I would get a boat to Belgium, and from there the train to Austria, locate Adolf Hitler`s family and pay them a vast sum to become Jewish. I would return to London,visit the Lyceum to see Mansfield play Dr Jekyll, visit some second hand bookshops buying up rare first editions, see all the Ripper slayings and who dunnit, then after the Kelly murder I would claim the reward, spend all the money,return to 2008 where of course I will now be a multi millionare from my songwriting.


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                    WOW John!! Thats what I call a plan!!
                    In order to know virtue, we must first aquaint ourselves with vice!


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                      AND you could get all the Grand National winners for the next 119 years!!!!!! and put em on at 5000-1
                      'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


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                        Originally posted by KatBradshaw View Post
                        WOW John!! Thats what I call a plan!!
                        I went for the subtle plan, Kat, I didn`t want to give anyone the impression that I`m some sort of dreaming fantasist !!!


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                          I think I would go find Mary Kelly, and make her sit herself down in front of a photographer.

                          Same for Fred Abberline!
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                            Kat, you could have the best of both worlds. You good go back and find out who did it. Then, on your return to the present, you could go back a few seconds and prevent yourself from going back. Then you'd forget it all.

                            Realistically, I think if anyone goes back and changes the past, they'll find that they don't have a life to return to.


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                              As I've said elsewhere on these forums, I wouldn't want to just go fnd out who the killer is - where's the fun in that? But I would see about getting us some better evidence, primarily by means of hopefully taking my camera.

                              Evidential value aside (and also passing over smart money making schemes), I think I'd just make an effort to see the sights and the places, and yes, try to meet some of the people. Not quite sure how that might go, tho, attempting to have a friendly chat and a drink with a prostitute without appearing to be a prospective client.

                              A thought... maybe all those documents and such we don't have and can't find are because sometime in the future someone with a time machine will get annoyed at them being unavailable and decide to go back and get them. Hence their absence.

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