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    Today is definitely spooky coincidence day!
    I was in the process some time back of building a site as a repository for some of the census data
    and other listings so I had a permanent record of them.
    I have started with the Infirmary listing for 1888 and will be adding to the site on a (more or less!) regular basis.
    It is still very much in the early stages and - I must emphasise this - is in no way to be seen as competing with Casebook.
    Any new research which I think might be worth a look I will post to Casebook before putting it on the new site.
    The new site was meant very much to be a repository in case I had a critical PC failure which has happened before. I have done the same on another site to safeguard my fiction writing.
    The purpose behind the site is summed up by the opening page:

    "On this site I will be placing some of the research relevant to the Whitechapel murders, better known as the "Jack the Ripper" murders.

    Please note that this is NOT a general site on this subject. There are no chat rooms or message boards (though there is a guest book) as this site is more in the nature of a repository where people can view the results of certain research projects.
    Where the work listed is not my own it will ONLY be included with the consent of the originator and with full attribution. If you see any material on this site which you believe contravenes this statement then please inform me immediately.
    If you have a general interest in the case or are seeking guidance which is not here, please look in the Links section where, hopefully, you will find what you need."

    The site is at


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    This is great . Much appreciated.
    Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced, otherwise people run back to the hills,no towns).
    M. Pacana