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Bond's oesophagus forceps, 1869

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  • Bond's oesophagus forceps, 1869

    Residing at the Royal College of Surgeons, these items connected to Dr. Thomas Bond:

    The forceps were specially made for Thomas Bond FRCS, as he attempted to remove a brace-buckle which had been swallowed by a patient and became impacted his the oesophagus. After preliminary attempts to remove the obstruction Sir William Fergusson was consulted. On the eighth day he used the forceps, but without success. On the fourteenth day Fergusson managed to pass a whalebone probang though the obstruction. Despite causing the patient extreme discomfort, this appeared to be successful, and three days later all pain had ceased. The swallowed buckle and strap were never recovered, but the fellow buckle and straps have been retained along with the forceps.

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    How in God's name does someone swallow a buckle and strap?
    Thems the Vagaries.....