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Minor Change to Major Rules

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  • Minor Change to Major Rules

    Please be advised that we have made a slight change to the Major Rules, specifically the section that previously referred to how we handled personal attacks on authors. In an attempt to recognize that other types of content creators and *shudder* visual media is being produced in the realm of Jack the Ripper, we have amended our Personal Attacks on Published Authors section to include Authors and other Media/Content Creators.

    The idea remains the same, which is, if you want to bash the hell out of John Smith's crappy youtube "documentary" and call it the single biggest piece of trash ever vomited on the screen by a drunk and demented dimwit, fair enough.

    If you want to say John Smith needs to be dragged into the street and beaten til he sees sense, well, that's naughty. No.

    This now comes with our standard admonishment that all posters could use this time to refresh themselves on good practice by flipping through the rules again.

    Carry on.