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Update to Major Rules

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  • Update to Major Rules

    Please be advised that we have made a minor adjustment to the Major Rules, Rule 5, Harassment policy. We have added this sentence:

    "Do NOT use the Report Post button on every minor, petty infraction they do in an attempt to get them banned. We will view this waste of our time with EXTREME displeasure."

    This is not intended to prohibit anyone from Reporting serious or actual breaches of the rules, it is for people who have a specific vendetta against a single poster and who report no one and nothing except the most minor and idiotic infraction every time a specific poster posts. For example, if you repeatedly report a poster for infractions such as saying something like "You really dont know what you are talking about." or "You have missed the point again", this is what we are talking about in terms of wasting our time on petty BS. They said YOU and it wasn't positive! PERSONAL ATTACK!

    Don't. We are done with this nonsense.