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New Moderator starts Today

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  • New Moderator starts Today

    We have a new Moderator and moderator account that is going live today. The moderator will have the power to issue infractions and ban people.

    Obviously, there will be a training period while the Mod gets their feet under them and learns when to issue an infraction and when to give a warning.

    If you disagree with the Moderator and feel that an infraction was given in error, you may dispute it with Admin.

    If we investigate and decide that the Moderator was correct in their penalty and assessment, we will double your infraction/ban time for wasting our time.

    The issue of Personal Attacks and threads going off topic into personal attacks has been a serious issue for a long time and we are hoping to mitigate this somewhat.

    Obviously, debate can become heated. Attack the argument, not the poster. A poster attacking you first doesn't give you the right to personally attack them back.

    That's what the Report Post button is for. Use it. We often get someone Reporting another poster, when the person doing the Reporting has violated just as many rules as the person they are reporting.

    Remember: An argument/line of debate/statement can be called stupid and ridiculous. A poster cannot.

    Happy Arguing.