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  1. How likely is she to have been a Ripper victim?
  2. Swallow Gardens
  3. Witnesses
  4. Albert Backert at the Frances Coles inquest and a sighting
  5. William Friday - a sketch made on the spot
  6. Sailor's Home
  7. PC Ernest Thompson
  8. Retreating footsteps of the killer?
  9. Coles - Ripper or not?
  10. Burial
  11. The secret life of Frances Coles
  12. Register of Murders Mepo 20/1
  13. Memorial Appeal
  14. Found 120 Years To The Day After Her Murder: Frances Coles Article
  15. Coles Case
  16. Crew Agreement/S.S. Winestead
  17. How could it be Sadler?
  18. What if her killer had been caught?
  19. Who was there and who wasn't.......