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  1. The Swanson Marginalia
  2. "Stepney Workhouse"
  3. Seaside Home
  4. Veracity
  5. Who believed the murderer was a Jew?
  6. Swanson Family Tradition
  7. 'The Swanson Marginalia' Revisited
  8. There's Something Wrong with the Swanson Marginalia
  9. Swanson Said Dear Boss Letter Writer Was Known?
  10. What exactly is the Swanson Marginalia?
  11. The McNaughton Rule
  12. Donald Sutherland Swanson
  13. New photos of Donald S. Swanson
  14. Independant re-examination and forensic testing of the Swanson Marginalia?
  15. The Swanson marginalia - a new interpretation?
  16. Correspondence from the 1980s concerning the 'marginalia'
  17. Is the marginalia genuine?
  18. Who Do The Marginalia Not Name The Witness?
  19. The Donald Sutherland Swanson collection
  20. New Article on the Swanson Marginalia in Ripperologist 128
  21. Did Anderson's Book Have Blank Pages at the End of It?
  22. Swanson Obituaries
  23. Identification by confrontation
  24. Memorial stone for Donald Swanson
  25. BBC Article
  26. Hot Off The Press