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  1. The London of Jack the Ripper - Robert Clack and Philip Hutchinson
  2. The Ultimate Sourcebook
  3. The Complete History of Jack the Ripper
  4. Jack the Ripper, An Encyclopedia
  5. Jack the Ripper, The Facts
  6. Scotland Yard Investigates
  7. Letters From Hell
  8. Ripperology
  9. The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper
  10. The Complete Jack the Ripper
  11. The Highways and Byeways of Jack the Ripper
  12. The Jack the Ripper Walk
  13. Crime Archives Jack the Ripper
  14. The Victims of Jack the Ripper
  15. Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London
  16. The Crimes of Jack the Ripper
  17. In Search of Jack the Ripper
  18. The First Jack the Ripper Victim Photographs
  19. Jack the Ripper A-Z
  20. The Jack the Ripper, Whitechapel Murders
  21. Public Reactions to Jack the Ripper
  22. My East End by Gilda O'Neill
  23. The Good Old Days, Gilda O'Neill
  24. New Book - The Ripper Code
  25. New Ripper book.
  26. Looking for a book....
  27. The Whitechapel Murders-Solved?
  28. The Black Museum: New Scotland Yard (Bill Waddell)
  29. Tom Slemen
  30. Came across this book
  31. THE RIPPER IN RAMSGATE. The Whitechapel Murderer and a Seaside Town.
  32. Docklands Museum
  33. Rare JTR book
  34. JTR Infamous London Serial Killer
  35. JTR The Whitechapel Murderer
  36. Jack the Ripper and the East End (Intro Peter Ackroyd)
  37. Secret Of Prisoner 1167 - James Tully
  38. Jack the Ripper for Dummies
  39. Poll: 'Jack the Ripper for Dummies'
  40. jack the ripper end of a legend
  41. The Ripper Code by Nabil Shabam
  42. The Desnos' suspect
  43. The American murders of Jack The Ripper
  44. Sorry, Sugden
  45. JACK THE RIPPER : A NEW THEORY (William Stewart, 1938)
  46. JTR Media- Culture- History
  47. E1 - A Journey Through Whitechapel and Spitalfields
  48. New Book on JTR
  49. JtR: The Celebrity Suspects
  50. The Complete History of Jack the Ripper
  51. Which one next?
  52. Docklands Exhibition tie-in
  53. JILL the Ripper books??
  54. About JtR 21st Century Investigation
  55. Elizabeth Stride and JtR
  56. The Prince, His Tutor and the Ripper
  57. Book Collecting
  58. I Never Knew That About London
  59. JtR Celebrity Suspects
  60. What is the worst Ripper book you've ever read?
  61. Charity Auction: Rare Ripper Book #1
  62. Charity Auction: Rare Ripper Book #2
  63. Worst Street in London
  64. Bibliophile Books
  65. Jack The Ripper, The Casebook R. Jones
  66. 'A Child of the Jago'-Arthur Morrison
  67. The Maybrick A-Z - Chris Jones
  68. My Fifteen Lost Years Florence Elizabeth Maybrick
  69. An eye to the future???
  70. Jack the Ripper in Fact and Fiction (Odell)
  71. Some thoughts on Patricia Cornwell
  72. Search for Books
  73. Which should I buy?
  74. Completely new: can you point me in the right direction?
  75. 2009 Ripper Books?
  76. Help please new & confused
  77. " THE BELL TOWER " - r. graysmith
  78. Jack the Ripper-Case Closed
  79. Catch Me When You Can - Leanne Perry
  80. JTR Scotland Yard Investigates
  81. Clifford Elmer books
  82. A New Ripper Book
  83. Ripper Books For Sale
  84. Re: 'The Ultimate Jack the Ripper Companion'
  85. Anyone need a copy of Farson?
  86. I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours
  87. From Hell Bob Hinton, signed copy on ebay
  88. Steve Powell's New "The Hoax of JtR" Book Is Out...
  89. The Complete Jack the Ripper A-Z
  90. Jack the Ripper's Secret Confession-(Monaghan, 2010)
  91. Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders
  92. Will Storr vs the Supernatural with Philip Hutchinson
  93. Diary of Jack the Ripper - Another Chapter (James Stettler)
  94. The Jew's Body
  95. The Man Who Hunted Jack the Ripper
  96. Jack the Ripper: The murders and the movies by Denis Meikle
  97. Walter Sickert-A Life, Matthew Sturgis
  98. Jackson & Nathan, Victorian London
  99. New book by Richard Jones
  100. Couple of new books & tv series?
  101. Prince of Quacks- by Timothy Riordan
  102. Past Traces: Andrew Firth
  103. whitechapel 1888 map
  104. The Man Who Hunted Jack The Ripper
  105. case closed by Patricia Cornwell
  106. The Trial of Jack the Ripper (Euan Macpherson)
  107. The Victims of Jack the Ripper by Neal Stubbings Shelden
  108. Robin Odell - A Ripper Icon
  109. Help with naming a book please!?
  110. Book suggestions on Knife Crime and the Ripper
  111. Chris George's A to Z of Jack the Ripper and the Jews
  112. Books on Cutbush
  113. quaint book
  114. The Very Final Solution - John Pope de Locksley
  115. Very Rare Ripper Book
  116. Reading List
  117. Anyone read "The Ripperologists"?
  118. borderland
  119. Jack the Ripper - The Casebook
  120. THE JACK THE RIPPER LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHS : Dutfield's Yard and the Whitby Collection
  121. should I continue?
  122. The news from WhiteChapel, Jack the Ripper in the Daily telegraph
  123. Any plausible suspect books?
  124. Essential JtR Books
  125. Oldridge
  126. The Identity Of JTR, McCormick, paperback looking for a home.
  127. In need of accurate information please...
  128. New book - What Alice Knew: Henry James and Jack the Ripper
  129. New guy alert, need some good reading material
  130. Rumbelow
  131. Interesting books and articles about JTR?
  132. 'Leather Apron, or the Horrors of Whitechapel', pub 1888
  133. Expert "Discrepancies"
  134. Fame or Infamy ...
  135. The Man who hunted the Ripper, Edmind Reid: Victorian Detective.
  136. Whitechapel map and booklet
  137. The London Job 2010 Book
  138. Guilty or Not Guilty? by Guy Russell - 1931
  139. The Ripper File (based on the BBC serial)
  140. Tom Slemen's Book on Colonel Claude Reignier Conder
  141. murder scene books
  142. JTR book, 1940's, Edwin T. Woodhall for sale in NZ
  143. Has Jack the Ripper Told You Chaps What His Real Name Was?
  144. "1888" - New JTR Graphic Novel
  145. The Book of Jack the Ripper
  146. A Myth Is Born
  147. Has Anybody?
  148. E1: A journey through Whitechapel and Spitalfields
  149. Mysteries of Police and Crime
  150. My library
  151. Rudolf Rocker
  152. The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs: Dutfield
  153. JTR: The Final Solution
  154. The Fox and the Flies: The World of Joseph Silver, Racketeer and Psychopath
  155. Jack the Ripper :Casebook
  156. Scotland Yard Investigates
  157. Two vintage online full text books with ripper content
  158. London's Shadows: The dark side of the Victorian City by Drew D Grey
  159. Fifty Most Amazing Crimes
  160. please tell me..
  161. what new JtR books are coming down the pipe
  162. Suggested reading
  163. Books on the Non-Canonicals?
  164. Rob House book on Amazon
  165. Books on Victorian Prostitution?
  166. lost london
  167. Theories and Facts
  168. Carroty Nell
  169. Jack the Ripper - British Intelligence Agent
  170. Jack the Ripper's Secret Confession
  171. Saucy Jack - Woods & Baddeley
  172. Help finding book
  173. Nicholas Culpeper
  174. Prisoner 1167 by James Tully
  175. Murder and Crime: Whitechapel and District (M.W. Oldridge)
  176. JTR & Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies & the Supernatural
  177. Women in Victorian Crime
  178. Something old, something new?
  179. Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and
  180. Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect - Rob House
  181. Fragments of the East End by Andrew Firth
  182. In Pursuit of JtR, by Robert A. Snow
  183. What was your first Ripper book?
  184. Ripper Ebooks
  185. JAck the Ripper: The Making of the Myth
  186. Where can I read all the Ripper books?
  187. The London Job 2011 Book
  188. anyone got Sugden, The Complete History of Jack the Ripper
  189. Anderson Biography for sale in NZ
  190. The London Underworld in the Victorian Period - Henry Mayhew
  191. Wanted: Stewart's JtR: a New Theory
  192. That Guldensuppe Case (1897-98)
  193. Newer books
  194. new ripper book
  195. name the 5 best Ripper books
  196. The Dracula Secrets Jack the Ripper and the Darkest Sources...
  197. A to Z thread
  198. Jekyll and Hyde Dramatized
  199. Autobiography?
  200. The Complete History...
  201. Murder Tales: Unsolved
  202. Hidden Suspect - The Whitechapel Murders [Kindle Edition]
  203. Senior Thesis paper help.
  204. Collection of books
  205. Lady Lytton
  206. Reading .....
  207. People Of The Abyss
  208. The London Job 2012 Book
  209. Lizzie Williams???
  210. Jack the Ripper: CSI Whitechapel
  211. Neal Shelden - Eddowes
  212. Casebook by Richard Jones
  213. Who Was Jack The Ripper?
  214. JTR hand of a woman.
  215. Jack the Ripper: American Hero (Corbett) 2012
  216. Curse upon Mitre Square
  217. the man who would be jack
  218. I strongly recommend you to read Philip Sugden's book
  219. Vilhelm Dybwad- "Guilty or not Guilty" 1934
  220. 1888 London Murders in the Year of the Ripper by Peter Stubley
  221. Update on "Will the Real Mary Kelly...? Second Edition"
  222. Index to Robert J. McLaughlin's 'First Jack the Ripper Victim Photographs'
  223. Leanne Perry's Catch Me When You Can
  224. Jack London: People of the Abyss
  225. Subterranean City: Beneath the Streets of London
  226. Dickens's Dictionary of London 1888
  227. Overton Fuller kindle £3.84
  228. Jack the Ripper Blood Lines
  229. Jack the Ripper - Secret Police Files (Marriott)
  230. Days of My Years
  231. London Job 2013 Book
  232. Mary Jane Kelly and the victims of Jack the Ripper
  233. New Paul Begg Book?
  234. Larry Wilson's book and "Poipat" system
  235. So what about the new edition of RWE
  236. The Fifth Victim - Antonia Alexander
  237. Follow the Ripper Murders as the happened…
  238. what new to buy?
  239. George Chapman Seweryn Klosowski
  240. Chronicles of Crime and Criminals No.1
  241. Jack The Ripper: In My Blood
  242. Jack the Ripper. The Definitive Casebook by Richard Whittington-Egan
  243. The Fox and the Flies
  244. Unmasking Jack the Ripper: A Historical and Astrological Attempt.
  245. Best suspect book?
  246. The Bank Holiday Murders by Tom Wescott (2014)
  247. Help me find the french journal
  248. Mary Kelly in, 'Clover Lane'
  249. Leather Apron, Jack the Ripper, and the Whitechapel Murders of 1888-Mike Covell
  250. JTR: The Definitive History?