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Old 01-14-2009, 03:28 AM
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Default New Poster Registration and Guidelines

2018: Please be advised that due to an ongoing health/life issue new registrations are significantly delayed. We apologize for this inconvenience. We will get to them, but we are behind by sometimes weeks.


1. Register for an account by clicking the Register button on the top menu.
2. When you have finished the registration process, send an email to administrator @ (close the spaces) from the email account you used to register. For proper routing, the subject line of the email should say: New Registration Request. We receive several hundred spam emails each day and search for registration requests using those three specific words in the title of the email to separate them from spam email. It is a "rule" that is set up in our email filter system. If your subject line does not have that EXACT subject, we will not see your registration. The body of the text should include the username you registered and give a brief summary of your interest in the case and why you wish to post. Details matter.

Due to numerous spam registrations, we like to ensure that posters have a genuine interest in the case before they are given an account. If the body of the text does not give specifics about your interest in the case, your account is likely not to be approved. We recently received this email from a known spammer: "I am interested in Jack the Ripper and would like to post on your forums. My interest is from books and movies. Please approve my request". This is not considered sufficient for approval. We do not expect posters to know everything but we do expect them to prove sufficient awareness that they will contribute meaningfully to the conversation. The title of the movie/book or article that led you here or a brief outline of what sparked your interest in the case is enough. Just to prove you didn't pluck the main topic from the front page and insert it to try to get an account. If we do not receive an email from you requesting registration, your account will not be approved and will be deleted on the next pass through. In general, account registrations are typically approved on Mondays and Thursdays.

** Please be advised it can take up to 72 hours to receive an account after registration especially if you register on the weekend or longer during a US holiday. Also, please check the Casebook Announcement forum after registration. Our Administrator goes on holiday twice a year, usually to godforsaken places with spotty internet access and if you register during one of these times, your account will not be approved until admin's return. An announcement is always posted when a vacation is scheduled including a return date so that you will know how long your wait will be. There are things that cannot be accomplished over an iphone.

In addition, sometimes, our administration gets busy and forgets. Bad Admin. When your account is approved or rejected you will receive an automatic email informing you of your acceptance or your rejection. If you have not received either, and you've been waiting a week, it is possible our admin is behind. You can send an email saying, hey, hi, nudge, nudge. Please be polite. Admin does not get paid enough to put up with attitude and a snarky or rude email wondering why your account isn't active is sure to ensure it won't be.

Also it has happened on occasion that a poster registers at the exact moment that the Admin pulls up the queue to approve users. Their username goes into the list for approval, but the Admin has not yet received their New Registration Request email and they delete the account. If you receive an "Account not Approved" email within a few minutes of registering, that is probably what happened. If you Forward us the Not Approved email, and explain/ask nicely what happened, we will be happy to create an account for you.

Each community has its own feel and its own rhythm. Below are some guidelines for transitioning into this community.

1. Read the Rules. We have created an explicit rule system. Read it. The Admin gets very snarky and annoyed when people send us an email asking a question that is already clearly answered on the forums because they are too lazy to do some reading or use the search feature. We tend to just ignore those emails.

2. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the layout of the forums, especially before starting a new thread. If you would like to introduce yourself, do so in the Pub Talk forum.

3. Before creating a new thread, search the forums to see if a thread already exists on that topic. If there is not a thread on the topic you wish to discuss, make sure that you create your new thread in the appropriate forum. Suspect threads in the individual suspect’s forum, victim threads in the matching victim’s forum, etc. Please make sure you title your thread specifically and as relevantly as possible. Don't title a thread "So I was thinking about this..." but instead " A thought about where Jack might have lived". This helps us in determining whether threads are appropriately placed or need to be moved to a new forum.

4. Make an effort to communicate clearly, using appropriate punctuation and capitalization. We have valued foreign posters who already have difficulty deciphering English without the added complication of trying to glean the meaning from a sloppy, carelessly written post that has no punctuation markers. This holds especially true on Ripper related threads.

5. Be prepared to be disagreed with especially when discussing theories. Accept it as part and parcel of participating in the boards. Do not argue expecting to win, but for the sake of airing and sharing ideas.

6. Be advised: New members cannot access the PM feature or Casebook's internal email system for a specified time. Once they have posted sufficiently to prove that they are not spammers, they receive an automatic upgrade.

Last edited by Admin : 01-16-2018 at 06:13 PM.
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