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Old 03-09-2017, 05:38 PM
C. F. Leon C. F. Leon is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 141
Default List of conferences?

I've been trying to make a list of past Ripper Conferences, but my only sources are the Rippercasts and the ones mentioned in this forum.

These are the ones that I have so far:

Dates Name of Con Location

2000- (1st US conference) New Jersey (Sam Gafford & Chris George)
2004- (US- location not mentioned in podcast)
2005- (Brighton Conference)
& 2006 ??- Rippercon in Baltimore (Maryland)
2007 Oct ??- (?sp) Wolverhampton, UK (Claudia, Andy Auliffe, Adam Wood) Catherine Eddowes theme
& 2008 Oct 10-12- Knoxville, Tenn. (Dan Norder & Kelly Robinson)
2009 Oct ??- London, UK
2010 Sep 25- London, UK

2011 Jul 16- The Cardiff Job (Cardiff)
X 2011 Aug 27-28- Belfast [CANCELLED]
2011 Oct 01-02- Whitechapel London Conference (MoC: Philip Hutchinson) [have list of speakers]
& 2011 Oct 28-29- "Jack the Ripper Through a Wider Lens" (Philadelphia, Penn.)
2012 Aug 05- The Bristol Job
2012 Sep 08- Whitechapel Society Symposium: "The East End of Annie Chapman" (City Hotel, Osborn St., London) [have list of speakers]
2012 Sep 29-30- JtR Conference: "The Double Event" (York, UK) [have list of speakers] featured in podcast
2013 Nov 09-10- London
2014 Nov 08- Whitechapel Society Con 2014 (Salisbury, UK) [have list of speakers] featured in podcast
2014 Oct 28-29- (BOOM! Productions) (South Wales)
2015 Dec 05- Casebook: Classic Crime Symposium (Chamberlin Hotel, London)
2015 ??- Nottingham
& 2016 Apr 08-10- JtR Conference Rippercon: The Jack the Ripper & True Crime Convention (Baltimore, Maryland)
2016 Sep 03-04- Ripperologist 21 Birthday Conference (?location)
2016 Nov 04-06- London (Arbor City Hotel, Aldgate, East End)
2017 Sep 22-24- Liverpool (Marriott)

Primarily, I'm looking for location & date information. A list of panels would be wonderful! Also, I know that various ones have different sponsors, could someone please explain the different ones a bit? (For instance, I'm completely confused by the "Jobs", which seem to be just short video-walks at particular locations.) Is "Rippercon" a PARTICULAR series used by one specific sponsor? Is this separate from "Jack the Ripper Conferences", which sometimes seems to be used as a generic term, and other times for particular ones? Also, the 2012 York Conference had as a theme "The Double Event", but the list of panels seem to be all over the place.

I've worked on SciFi Conventions for 40 years, so I have a basic idea of how those types of cons work- at least on the west side of the Big Pond.

Thanks for any help!

-- CFL
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