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Old 02-09-2018, 07:38 AM
Svensson Svensson is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: London
Posts: 3

Originally Posted by Ginger View Post
But, for the time being, the fact that Trump is actually trying to solve problems instead of setting his party up for the next election puts him head and shoulders above any recent POTUS.
And this is why I would hope that the media would actually focus on Trump's deeds, not on his words. The problem with Trump is that he can not string two sentences together without either contradicting himself, or flat-out lie. On top of that, his ability to do a 180, followed by a 360 or even a 720 is completely unprecedented. For this reason, anyone can make the argument that Trump is pro-this or anti-that by selectively quoting him. This where the media get into unproductive ****-fights and trump is happy with it because they could be talking about something much worse (as far as he is concerned).

It also depends on what you consider a "problem that needs to be solved".
- If you consider it a problem that there are not enough multi-billionaires, then Trump's your man.
- If you think that anywhere between 13 and 35 million of "the forgotten people" (as per Trump's inauguration speech) need to lose their health insurance so that the richer ones don't have to subsidise them, then Trump's your man.
- Since this morning, there has been another Trillion added to the deficit, in addition to the 1.5 Trillion with the tax-cut. Ryan and the GOP are already talking about "making tough decisions" and "entitlement reforms" in order to pay for the tax cuts that just to handed 84% of its benefits to the top 1% of the population. This is not a problem that has existed before Trump came along.
- If you think that pursuing a two-state solution in the middle-east is a problem, then Trump's your man because Trump is clearly pursuing a one-state solution.

Other stuff that he has "created":
-making it easier for veterans to apply for commercial licenses or access apprenticeship programs (Good, but why only for such a small group?)
- out of the 100-something laws he signed into law, there is very little substantial apart from the tax-cut (and that alone could warrant its own thread):

What has he repealed? There is a lot in there that does not help "the forgotten man" but his billionaire cabinet and to further secure the status and power of the already rich and powerful. Some examples:

- Blocked implementation of a rule that would have made it easier for farmers to sue big agricultural companies.
- Repeal of a bill that mandated that employers maintain records of workplace injuries.
- Removed information about worker injuries from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.
- Killed a rule mandating that government contractors disclose past violations of labour law.
-Revoked an executive order that mandated compliance by contractors with laws protecting women in the workplace.
- Ended a rule that barred employers from taking some or all of the tips given to service employees.
- Cancelled a rule mandating that financial advisers act in the best interests of their clients.
- Ended a rule that allowed consumers to file class-action suits against financial companies.

So the problems that he is trying to resolve is the perceived problem that the rich and powerful establishment has with the pesky "little people".

At one point, I was thinking about adding Trump's statement that "the forgotten people will no longer be forgotten" to the Greatest Hoax of all time Thread but I decided that this was not a hoax, just a misunderstanding. Trump's "forgotten men" are his billionaire buddies and white draft dodgers that long for a time when minorities and women still knew their place in society. Everything else is "just for show" as his actions speak louder than words.

The media meanwhile are failing to hold Trump accountable on his policies, that's my gripe with them.

Then again, I'm still confident that he will go down for obstruction of justice, money laundering (both definite) and collusion with a foreign power (possibly). My hope is just that he will take Foxnews down with him.

Last edited by Svensson : 02-09-2018 at 07:44 AM.
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