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Old 03-13-2018, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by rjpalmer View Post
Hi Caz, I don't want to debate the accuracy of this statement, because I don't know enough about it. But the whole 'time sheet' thing strikes me as very odd, but perhaps I missed something. Because I don't get it. Here in the US we have something known as the 'Wage and Hour Board,' that insures that employers follow the labor laws, and the Board also arbitrates if there are any disputes over wages due to an employee. In the firm where I was employed for many years, I used to fill out the time sheets for 8 or 9 employees that worked under me, and it was very important to insure accuracy. Believe me, if any supervisor made a mistake, they heard about it from the head of Payroll. These records need to be precise. Further, I have a good friend who is in charge of payroll with another firm, and she constantly complains about having to correct the work of supervisors. It is a task of major importance to her and her boss to make sure everything is neat and clean. If, months or years later, there is a dispute about who worked what, the company needs to be able to demonstrate to the Wage and Hour Board that their records are accurate and can be trusted. Yet here, it seems as though Mr. Rhodes is "winging it." How would Eddie be correctly paid if his hours are not listed? And why does his job location even matter? Each employee has a time sheet and it lists the hours they worked and their pay rate. It's the only sane way of doing it. So what the heck is going on here? Were these sheets you are referring to made out for the benefit of billing Dodd for the labor costs on this particular project? Certainly Rhodes, or Rhodes's payroll secretary, could have produced a timesheet showing EXACTLY what hours Eddie worked on 9 March, 1992? If not, why not? It's all very mysterious.
Hi rj,

The time sheets Keith obtained were related to the job's location and description, and would appear to have been raised for the purpose of billing Paul Dodd for the hours worked [labour] and materials used. I will check the finer details when I get a chance, but IIRC Colin Rhodes, when speaking to Keith in 2004, explained there would originally have been daily working sheets for each employee too, which would have shown whether they had been allocated to a specific job, or were 'kicking their heels' in the office. In either case, Colin Rhodes would have been paying them a basic hourly rate, so he would sometimes ask them to help out on other jobs for an hour or two here or there, so he wouldn't be paying them for doing nothing, even though he wouldn't be billing the customer either for the extra labour.

I think James Johnston has these daily sheets down on his extensive 'to do' list, in case any may have survived. One thing that became apparent, when Colin handed over the Battlecrease and Skelmersdale time sheets to Keith, was that Eddie's final time sheet entry for the Skelmersdale contract was for Saturday, March 7th 1992, yet the contract had resumed on Friday, March 13th [following the scheduled Battlecrease job sandwiched in between, which had been allocated to Arthur Rigby and Jimmy Coufopoulos], with no further sign of Eddie. Colin was left scratching his head, because Eddie had only begun working for him in November 1991 and had been put on that job full time with Jim Bowling when it began in early December. They had worked solidly together there, right up to and including Saturday, March 7th, while others only worked on certain days or part days. It was a mystery to Colin why Eddie had suddenly gone AWOL before the job was finished, leaving Graham Rhodes with Jim Bowling to complete the work [with Alan Davies and Brian Rawes doing two hours each on Tuesday, March 17th].

What emerged was that nobody was on the Skelmersdale job between Monday, March 9th and Thursday, March 12th, so the two main players, Eddie and Jim Bowling, would have been 'kicking their heels' from the Monday, waiting for it to resume on the Friday, if only Arthur and Jimmy were down for Paul Dodd's underfloor wiring job.

None of this should have worked at all if Eddie didn't have the first idea who Mike Barrett was, let alone when he first mentioned the diary to anyone, and was simply trying to cash in on Feldman's baseless speculation that it might have been found in the house when work was being done there.


"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov

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