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Old 05-16-2018, 03:34 PM
cnr cnr is offline
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Default just a question, and it's not rhetorical...

Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
As the graffito offers no insight into the murders, and the killer never communicated at the other crime-scenes...
Hi Harry D. Not wanting to appropriate a thread, I have redirected your most recent comment here.

I'd just like to add to your point above, the cry of “Lipski” (an anti-Semitic epithet) as delivered in Berner Street, only a few hours previous to the graffito's discovery. That's as good a communication as any, and it came from the killer's own lips while assaulting one of the victims at the murder site.

Top cop, Warren, thought the graffito authentic and anti-Semitic. His take is broadly consistent with the views of personnel in his purview (Moore, Anderson - and I might loosely add Arnold and Swanson to these) who I imagine informed his opinion.

...and let's not forget the acting top cop of the City force, Smith, who believed the GSG was “probably” genuine and left as a ruse “to throw suspicion upon the Jews”.

None of the police on record, to my knowledge, ever wavered in their opinions.

Following, are the reasons why I think they may have arrived at their conclusions, even putting aside the issue of the, potentially corroborating, apron piece:
  • Stride is spotted in various locations in the vicinity of a Jewish radical club and newspaper in the company of a suspect consistently described as "stout"* and 5"5' - 5"7'**. Plotting the sightings on a map, suggests she had been by the club four times in the space of about an hour and may not have been simply promenading aimlessly past it - we know from the inquest testimony of PC Smith and the club's founding secretary, Wolf Wess, that Berner Street was no haunt for prostitutes. Was the plan to leave a mangled corpse on the premises ?
  • An evening lecture, entitled 'Why Jews Should Be Socialists', had concluded not long beforehand at the club.
  • cry of "Lipski" - see above
  • Eddowes last seen with suspicious character at the corner of Duke St. & Church Psge (which is the location of the Great Synagogue's southern entrance) nine minutes before being found dead and mutilated in adjacent Mitre Square.
  • The graffito referenced the anti-Semitic street talk (and recent riot) blaming the murders on the Jews, and was left in a building tenanted "almost exclusively by Jews".
I think these are among the reasons why the police may have arrived at the conclusion they did about the graffito, even putting aside the apron piece.

The following is not a rhetorical question, but are there any police officers or officials on record saying they did not believe the graffito to be genuine ? I'd like to explore any such material. (On that note, even if somewhat tangientaly, I am only aware of Whitehall bureaucrat, Godfrey Lushington - who thought the graffito had been written by a crowing Jewish Ripper).


* Gardner & Best, Marshall, Brown, Schwartz
** Gardner & Best, Marshall, PC Smith, Brown, Schwartz

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