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Old 02-08-2016, 01:25 PM
paleface paleface is offline
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Default Louisiana Blood - New Ripper Novel

Many moons ago I came onto this form to ask if anybody would be interested in seeing a film of a re-imagined Ripper mythology. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

I went on to write the screenplay and it won numerous awards, got me meetings in L.A and was even part of a $600m film fund...but the budget was too now, I've written it as a novel, unhampered by budget.

With Louisiana Blood I wanted to take a fresh look at the Ripper legend based on all the outstanding theories and come up with a modern day mystery thriller that gave it a fresh twist. Louisiana Blood is an epic conspiracy yarn following the trail of Jack The Ripper from the Victorian London of 1888, to the oil fields of modern day Louisiana, and combines nail biting suspense with explosive action.

The book is being published through INKSHARES, a great site which is a combination of crowdfunding and online publishing. The site also puts your book into retail outlets once you have sold 750 pre-orders. If you join the site you automatically get a $5 coupon to put against your first purchase, The book is priced at $10 so in reality it costs you $5 or 3.50 in the UK.

I have reached out to some members already, but wanted to place the link on the forum in case I have missed any of the people that were excited by the project originally. If this breaches etiquette please let me know the correct procedure.

Hopefully the link will give you a look at the first 8 chapters for free...and please feel free to comment and give your opinions and if you are interested you can pre-order the novel. I hope you enjoy it.
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