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Originally Posted by Michael W Richards View Post
From Elizabeth at the Inquest" A kitten disturbed me about half-past three o'clock or a quarter to four. As I was turning round I heard a suppressed cry of "Oh - murder!" in a faint voice. It seemed to proceed from the court."

So she heard it around 3:45.

From Sarah at the Inquest:"I sat awake until nearly four, when I heard a female's voice shouting "Murder" loudly. It seemed like the voice of a young woman. It sounded at our door."

Not inconsistent with Elizabeth at all.

Your suggestion that they heard different cries is interesting but contrary to the accepted evidence. There were not 2 separate cries of murder that night around 3:45.
"Faint cry" and "seemed to proceed from the court" is all a bit vague, don't you think?
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