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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
James Maybrick’s family motto (purchased by him out of typical Victorian middle class vanity) reads tempus omnia revelat (‘time reveals all’, or more cryptically, ‘as time will show').

And pillars are made out of a number of materials, one of which is, of course, brick.

James Maybrick was ‘society’s pillar’, but not in the more familiar sense of doctor, clergyman, prime minister, etc.. The cryptic criminal struck again, and it has taken 130 years to decipher the clues.

As I say, I look forward to the day someone publishes more on these critical insights into the criminal mind which was Jack the Spratt McVitie.
"Up and down the goddamn town
policemen try to find me
But I ain't a chap yet to drown
In drink or Thames or sea.

I've no time to tell you how
I came to be a killer
But you should know, as time will show
That I'm society's pillar"

More indicative of Druitt (a contemporary suspect) than of Maybrick IMHO.
Regards, Bridewell.
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