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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
hi HS.
would the walk from Berner street to goulston street and then back in time to mitre square fit?

also, there was an anon sighting of a man in a peaked cap wiping his hands and acting suspiciously in church st. roughly in the time period. I think there is a good possibility this was the ripper en route from berner street so theres that in the mix too.
I'm utterly useless with geography Abby and have no sense of direction. You would think that after 30 years of interest in the case I'd have the map of the area ingrained on my brain but no. I've just checked the NLS map (which is great) but I still find I'm moving it around and losing my place. I have an ordinance map but I'm not at home. Whereabouts is Church Street?

I'm in London from 19th Sept to 30th so I might walk the area. I'm doing a 'walk' but as you know they avoid most of the sites.


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