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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Up and down the goddamn town
All over the metropolis
I wrote my curse in splendid verse
Though some don't think a lot of this.
I am acquainted with a poem from the late 1890s by a minor poet of that period. It does have similar traits and spirit to those ascribed as written by Jack that have been put down. The poet involved here mysteriously vanished about 1897. Only published two collections.


"Round and round the shutter'd Square
I strolled with the Devil's arm in mine.
No sound but the scrap of his hoofs was there
And the ring of his laughter and mine -
We had drunk black wine.

I scream'd, 'I will race you Master!"
"What matter," he shriek'd, "to-night which of us runs the faster?
There is nothing to fear to-night in the foul moon light"

The I look'd him in the eyes.
And I laugh'd full chill at all that he told
And the gnawing fear he would fain disguise.
It was true what I'd time and again been told:
He was old - old."

There was a subsequent report he may have been seen in the next century visiting a prominent locale, but the length of time involved seems to make it improbable it was the same man.

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