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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
I didnt know any of the ‘facts’ about David until i read your comments Mike. I know absolutely nothing about David apart from the fact that he’s written 2 books that ive read (which i recommend to you Mike.)

More than one poster on here knows my real name as i occaisionally post on the Forum under that name. And in case you think im part of a conspiracy you can speak to Steve (Elamarna) who has met me and will confirm that im neither Pierre or David (Orsam or Barrat .) And to be completely accurate the best you should be willing to say is that its ‘highly unlikely’ that my real name is Herlock Sholmes as you cant be certain of the fact
Just to confirm i have met Herlock, we drank a few pints in the Ten Bells. He then went on a Richard Jones Tour. If memory serves right lead by John Bennett on that occasion.

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