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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
I doubt Koz was BS man because I doubt a jew would yell a racial slur at another jew. there is evidence connecting him to Mitre square in the form of eye witness testimony from Lawende and the possible positive ID.
Hi Abby! There's really no proof that Lawende is the witness Swanson refers to - that's pure conjecture - and the "Lipski" exclamation wasn't necessarily intended as a slur - it could have been nothing more than a crude boast by a Jewish man mistreating a woman, as in "Hey look, I'm Lipski!" We know that Kosminski was living within a block or two of the Stride scene and that he had to walk down Berner St. from Commercial Road to get to his street. In my mind, he's the best bet for BS man. I think Schwartz identified Kosminski at the Seaside Home, but only as the man mistreating Stride on the street. He did not witness Kosminski killing Stride, so he may rightly have resisted police pressure to identify him as the Ripper for that reason. The excuse given by Swanson, that his refusal was because he was a fellow Jew, allowed Swanson to infer that Kosminski was the Ripper despite knowing that Schwartz never saw anybody kill Stride.

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