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Originally Posted by Sam Flynn View Post
I can only go by what's in the inquest report, Rocky, and it appears that the whole area was, figuratively and literally, rather sleepy at the time, with very few people around. Even today, it remains a very quiet part of the East End.
While that might be true, there was still 3 people sleeping in the surrounding arches. So that part of the desolate street was far from empty that morning.
Arnold says Backchurch Lane, Schwartz lived 1 block from the torso dump on Backchurch Lane and Ellen Street. Schwartz said the the man said Lipski and we find Lipski written in graffiti on Pinchin (also with John Cleary is a fool). Schwartz goes to the star. all that in mind and then like jerry pointed out, the day after the double event they find a torso in Whitehall. I know you think the pinchin torso is a copycat, but with that article Joshua Rogan found I just don't think that's possible.
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