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Hi Ben. I don’t want to flog a dead horse, but I have done some checking and I have an update. I found a reference to Ridgway “injecting” himself into the investigation in May 1984, perhaps this is what you were remembering. The source appears to be John Douglas (but see below!)

From the Seattle Times, November 26, 2003, in an article titled “Profiler Can’t Recall Why He Said Letter Wasn’t From Green River Killer’”

“FBI criminal profiler John E. Douglas misidentified an anonymous 1984 letter from Green River killer Gary L. Ridgway in the midst of the nation's worst serial-killing spree.

Douglas wrote that the letter was "a feeble and amateurish attempt" by someone who "has no connection with the Green River Homicides."

He was wrong.

Ridgway, as part of his confession to police, admitted earlier this year that he wrote that letter. Police say that had they known that, it could have helped them catch him earlier.’


In the same article the claim is made that Ridgway came forward and “injected” himself in the investigation in May 1984, giving information about Christensen, which agrees with what has been reported on this thread. The article is not explicit on this point, but the reporter seems to be getting his information from Douglas.

Keep this in mind: May 1984.

The following is from Robert Keppel’s “Riverman” which recounts the investigation of Gary Ridgway in great detail. The following chronology is given on pages 440-441 (you can find these pages on-line in Google Books)

Here are the facts as outline by Keppel.

1. Ridgway was interviewed by Detective Fox in early May 1983 regarding the Malvar murder in April.

2. Police are suspicious and interview Ridgway a second time on November 16, 1983, this time by Detective Larry Gross.

3. In February 1984 Ridgway’s name is give to the police by Dawn White, identified as a prostitute.

4. Ridgway is interviewed for a third time on April 12, 1984 by the King Count Police in Washington State.

5. On May 7, 1984 Ridgway is given a polygraph test to confirm his various statements, including his supposed friendship with Christensen. He passes.

So now, in early May 1984, Ridgway is a serious suspect and has been interviewed FOUR TIMES, the last one being a polygraph test.

So how, with a straight face, can John Douglas claim that Ridgway “injected himself into the investigation” in May 1984? After he was already a suspect and had been interviewed multiple times?

How can that possibly have any meaning?

And how does it relate to Hutchinson?

As I see it, Douglas has revised the case after-the-fact and didn’t do a very good job of it.

The same thing happened in the Chikatilo case. A top Russian cop claimed he had developed an amazingly accurate profile of the Russian Ripper. The detective that actually captured Chikatilo went back through the police records and found no evidence that this profile ever existed. Yet we are supposed to take the profilers seriously.

P.S. Nowhere do I see Keppel claim that Ridgway "injected himself" in the investigation. It was always the police who initiated contact. Another profiling success story shot down. It's a myth.

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