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Not really sure why I am even posting this, but after several years of stepping back, another oddity that always puzzled me was Anne Graham's strange claim that when Tony Devereux handed her the diary on the doorstep (cloak-and-dagger "do something with it!) she stated that it was wrapped in brown paper (Harrison). Strange detail. Why wrap it? No Liverpudlian from the pub, who cares more about the next game against Manchester U than anything else, is going to bother to wrap some damn book in brown paper.

But if you watch the miniseries "Selling Hitler," which aired in the UK in 1991, you will see a couple of strange scenes. The series recounts the famous "Hitler's Diary" scandal. The forger has gotten in so deep that he is furiously creating new pages of the diary and handing them over to his dupe (a British historian that I won't name) hot off the press, as it were. He delivers them on the doorstep...wrapped in brown paper. I am pretty certain that 10 or 12 years ago I confirmed that this series aired in Liverpool. Consciously or unconsciously, was Graham channelling a scene that she had already witnessed in her head?

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