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Yes, it's always the same, David, isn't it? Claims that failed - just - to produce the sort of evidence that could have put the tin lid on it two decades ago.

The man who never came forward to say he had wanted those photographs but lost out to a man uncannily like the one who later claimed an uncannily similar looking album contained Jack the Ripper's diary; the compass which was 'taken away' and 'destroyed' by the concerned sister, who would naturally deny doing anything of the kind whether true or false; the book with Crashaw's 'O costly' which was initially given to the girlfriend's son without its significance being appreciated - which wasn't much, since there was no way to prove Mike ever laid eyes on it until 1994; the little red diary which was willingly handed over to the estranged wife, who gave it away to Keith Skinner - again proving nothing to anyone's real satisfaction, unless you count yourself.

It's like Mike was playing games, not really wanting to prove he had created the diary. It should have been a piece of cake, surely? Or was he genuinely desperate to claim he did it, but couldn't produce any proof because it simply wasn't true?


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