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Originally Posted by Jonathan H View Post
To answer your question, Trevor, I believe that Sims is [anonymously] Macnaghten's mouthpiece, and through him the police chief provided the public with a mixture of fact and fiction about Druitt.

I don't think Sims knew that his hot info. was such a discreet mixture.
To me the Druitt issue does not cause me problem only as far as the hearsay regarding private information etc etc which is all in my opinion there is in relation to his suspect viabilty.

Kosminski on the other hand is totally different because we have a senior police officer directly involved puportedly writing annotations describing a significant breakthrough in this mystery of which there is no written record or an verbal comments to support this and he actually put a name to this suspect, whereas MM in relation to Druitt simply gives details of Druitts antecendents and suggests the man he is referring to could have been the ripper. In fact MM does the same with all the likely suspects he names, and this is a problem to me I have to ask why he didnt give details of why these came under suspicion.

If you look through many of the remaing files in the archives there are many other reports and correspondence within those files relating to suspects, most contain details as to what brought them under suspicion to name one John Donkin as well as details about how he came under suspicion there is even a copy of his criminal record still on file, Clearly a suspect clearly much paperwork on him but despite all of this it lies in a normal file.

Now call me old fashioned but if there was ever such a specific suspect file then why wasnt his file added or any of the others that are shown in the remaining files. I think someone posted some form of a suspect list from one of the files but I dont recall seeing his name on it and I would argue that that list was just a list setting out the names of people who among many had been put forward and not a specific suspect list in the true sense.

What you and other Druitt fans have done is very simliar to Martin Fido you have gone looking for a suspect to fit who MM writes about. Now there is absolultely nothing wrong in that correct way to do it, and what you have finished up with is Druitt who fits the bill, but not totally because of the doctor/barrister issue. Then you have the press angle. It is a fact that the press are guilty now of printing misleading articles and i have no doubt the same applied back then, the same can be said for press men who initiate this misleading information. It is so easy for a press man to forumlate a story and manipulate it in such a way that it will have maximum impact again especially if it sells newspapers.

So I would suggest that as far as Simms and any others reporters are concerned anything they have written or said should be subjected to very close scrutiny and not taken and accepted as gospel on face value.

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