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Another thought on Anderson,Swanson the marginalia and Macnaghten and I will now play devils advocate.

We know MM was the first to record the name Kosminski and we know how he describes the antecedents of that person.What we dont know from MM is which Kosminksi he was referring to, or what the grounds were for suspecting that person.

In Andersons book he does not mention a name of any kind nor does he refer any grounds for suspicion of the mad polish jew he refers to.

Now both the entries of MM and Anderson in effect corroborate each other as both refer to a mad polish jew so nothing untoward at this juncture

Now we add The Marginalia and Swanson to the mix. Now both Anderson and Swanson would without a doubt would have been aware of MM. So Swanson would also be able to refer to Andersons polish Jew by name if the marginalia is authentic that could explain the surname only again of Kosminski being mentioned.

However if the marginalia is not authentic and all of the annotations were not written by Swanson but another and that other sought fit to add this seaside home scenario to the pot and also add the name Kosminski because the name Kosminski has been around since the 60`s in any event. This could explain a lot.

Now I will not be drawn into suggesting who could have been responsible for that if that was the case but a motive could have been for persons or persons unknown to obtain finacial gain in some way or to enhance the Kosminski suspect theory again for financial gain.

When you think about if that did happen it was perhaps a stroke of genuius, someone coming up with the seaside home scenario that they knew could not be disproved, simply beacuse it never took place there would never be any record, or never be anyone to talk about it.

It should also be noted that all of the various ranks of officers made no mention of any ID identification in later years when giving interviews on the case. The only one who makes any reference to Anderson is Reid who comments only on Andersons polish jew theory.

I say again if this ID happened then it would have been recorded somewhere in some form and someone would have talked. The silence speaks volumes in my opinion

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