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Originally Posted by cobalt View Post

As you are a man who has a comprehensive knowledge of the A6 Case, I hoped my comments distinguishing between satire and sarcasm might have had a salutary effect.

You latest delusional offerings regarding Cilla Black/White are desperate diversions from a man who has changed sides once, and is determined not to do so again in his dotage. You are starting to sound frightened.

If you have anything to offer on this site, Daily Mail obseravtions excluded, I will be happy to engage wth you. In the interim you might like to start by addressing the numerous points that have been raised regarding conspiracy.
A big fat 'hear! hear! ' from me!

I would just mention though that having studied the geography of the Scotand road, and the Vauxhall area , Cilla Black lived about one hundred yards south along the Scottie Road from Cowleys newsagents . Of the 29 such shops from downtown Liverpool to the fork of Stanley road, Cowleys was right on Cilla's doorstep. Her family would have known David Cowley well as their tobacconist and no doubt Cilla would have been friendly with the pleasant mannered Mrs. Dinwoody, and probably the grandchildren. However, all this I consider a coincidence nothing more.
On the other hand , David Cowley was the owner/ operator of a paper shop in a run down slum area in the docklands of Liverpool . By 1965 he would be the Lord Mayor of the City, and to who, none other than acting chief constable Herbert Balmer Would be answerable to. I find that very interesting, and possibly much less of a coincidence than the Cilla deal.
While we're on Scotland road I have to say, there never was a cinema opposite Cowleys. Hanratty was supposed to have made that mention with regards to his alighting the bus , however there was two picture houses , on Scotland road, the 'Derby' and the 'Gaiety' , which he will have passed enroute, whether one of these fixed itself in his mind prior to him getting of the bus.. who knows?
For my part I still think he was in Cowleys, on that Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Dinwoody, honest as the day is long, never the less got it wrong. Hanratty refused to name his Liverpool contacts out of pure fear , from reprisal.
You can bet your life ,if Balmer could have scooped up a couple or three Scouse thugs and pinned the A6 murder on them , he would have been as happy as Larry.
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