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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
The decision to charge Hanratty was taken after Trower and Skillett had identified him - which in turn followed his interview with Acott and Oxford in which he had failed to provide satisfactory answers.
Our posts crossed. Hanratty's supporters do seem to tend to forget or even ignore his positive identification by Trower and Skillett which took place at Bedford Police HQ late in the afternoon of 13 October. This is no doubt why the Daily Mirror reporter was confident that someone would be charged the next day. As Hanratty duly was, after Valerie had identified him.

A prisoner cannot be legally charged until his rights are read to him, which didn't happen until Hanratty was taken to Ampthill Police Station and charged at 6.15pm by Supt Barron with the murder of Michael Gregsten. Hanratty said nothing.

I wonder how much weakened, if at all, the case against Hanratty would have been had Trower and Skillett not identified him?

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