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Although I suspect she already knew who to pick out. Taking her time and asking them to speak was just to make it look more plausible. Acott could not risk her picking the 'wrong' man again and I suspect she had been 'coached' beforehand.

Didn't he touch her on the shoulder and say "Good girl" afterwards?
I would say without any shadow of a doubt that she knew who to pick out from that line-up. It was an absolute cinch that she would select Hanratty, she even agreed with Sherrard's suggestion to her at the Bedford Trial that he must have stood out like a carrot in a bunch of bananas. It's obvious to anyone with any nous at all that she was coached in advance by the scheming and manipulative Acott.

Everything had been decided in advance by detectives investigating the murder. That identification parade as most of us will be aware took place on the morning of Saturday, October 14th. The previous evening, Friday the 13th, a special police conference had been held in Bedford. Senior Bedfordshire officers had gathered there in addition to Det Supt Acott. At that conference it had been decided that a man [ie Hanratty] would be charged within the next 24 hours with the A6 murder. Truly astonishing. A decision had been made at least a full half-day before the 11.00 am. ID parade took place.


There was absolutely no danger of that happening, everything had been arranged beforehand by a team of suspect detectives gathered around a Bedford table. Nothing was left to chance.

A fateful Friday the thirteenth indeed for the innocent James Hanratty.
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