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I think I initially voted yes, but now I'm undecided. The difficulty, as I see it, is that McKenzie would represent a major de-escalation, which is problematic considering that JtR seems to have exhibited a pattern of escalating violence.

Okay, you could probably expect a degree of de-escalation from Kelly, however, there was substantially less overkill than even the earlier Whitechapel victims. Nicholls, for instance, suffered very deep abdominal injuries and had been virtually decapitated. In contrast, the abdominal injuries inflicted on McKenzie were somewhat superficial, and the neck injuries were less severe than even Stride. In fact it could be argued that there is little evidence of overkill at all, which is problematic as this seemed to be an obvious signature characteristic of JtR (it's worth pointing out that even with Ellen Bury a deep abdominal wound was inflicted.) And, of course, unlike Chapman, Eddowes and Kelly no organs were removed.

That said, McKenzie was killed in Whitechapel. Moreover, there were two stab wounds in the left side of the neck, and it's been argued that parallel cuts were inflicted on the neck of both Nicholls and Chapman, which seems a little coincidental.

However, if McKenzie was a Ripper victim I think he must have been ill or incapacitated in some way. That at least would explain the 7 month gap since Kelly's murder, and why there may have been no other victims.

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