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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
Yes, so let´s do that! Then we will see that you wrote "The primary reason why you don't acknowledge the significance of these differences is because there's an agenda to pursue". That is something that is an exact quotation, and the meaning is impossible to misinterpret
So quote things, then - don't interpret and assert your interpretation as if it were truth. Nobody told you that your "views were tainted".
Furthermore, please tell me what you think is my "agenda"! Is it to mislead by lying about Lechmere? Or is it to inform about him? Or is it to discuss the case? Pray tell me!
Your agenda is that all roads must lead to Lechmere, even to the extent of injecting him into unrelated threads so that you can go off on your hobby-horse again.
As is so often the case, you resort to semantics, and you point out that nobody has used THE EXACT wording I employ. Which is just ridiculous.
It's not "ridiculous" and it's not "semantics" to insist that we stick to the facts, rather than presenting beliefs and opinions as if they were facts.
And all the while, you duck the questions you are asked, and refuse to answer them.... Let´s have some answers from you instead of having to watch you run like a rabbit, Gareth.
Nobody's ducking or running. I'm not well and I have neither the time, energy nor inclination to waste on such things.
Kind regards, Sam Flynn

"Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)

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