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I have said before that I am sometimes surprised at the level of invictive comments doled out by some people on the threads.

As an old hippy, I find this type of behaviour disappointing, however I don't in all honesty think these comments are meant to be as rude, and sometimes cruel, as the specific posts would suggest.

Surely this is just another manifestation of people posting comments across all areas of the internet that they would never say to a persons face.

I am on record as favouring Blotchy as the killer, however I am all too aware that my views of people criticising the Blotchy theory are influenced by my confirmation basis.

I go on the basis that all serious posters to the boards try and factor in the existence of confirmation basis when writing their contributions to the boards.

Unfortunately I think that the rudeness will probably continue unabated, simply because it seems "de rigueur" for most people posting on the internet, not just these boards.

In my experience, most arguments can be resolved amicably over copious amounts of beer.

A particularly Glasgow approach to things I will admit.

But it works!
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